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31-07-2012, 11:57 PM
Slmz, iv recently come across a fake fb profile created by my husband where he is chatting up random girls and asking them to join him on mxit for lewd, intimate chats, this has been carrying on for 2 yrs, when I confront him he says its meaningless and I'm over reacting, he tells them he is unhappy with me and our relationship is going nowhere.. What should I do :( how can thoughts like that be spoken to strange women and not have meaning? And how can I not take it seriously? Isn't it the same as cheating on me? Emotionally if not physically?

01-08-2012, 11:46 AM
He's been doing it because you let him. Give him an ultimatum to stop or you walk away.. This is a serious matter. If he doesn't stop you know where you stand. Allah make it easy for you.

01-08-2012, 11:58 AM

Stay strong, you are a woman and woman are strong people, confront him, speak to him, ask him what it is that u are doing that makes him unhappy, if you love him, try to fight for your marriage, I am totally against the idea of cheating, this 2 me is being unfaithful and lying! It is wrong and being at a certain age chatting up younger girls is not right! Unacceptable! You deserve an explanation!!

02-08-2012, 08:04 AM
This is unacceptable and many people have experience similar scenarios. You have to stand your ground. Tell him that what he is doing is wrong and you will not allow this to continue and should you find him doing this one more time you WILL LEAVE and not return. You have to stick to your word though because chances are he will not take you seriously as you have let it go on for so long like this. If you catch him again, and you probably will, pack your stuff and leave or else tell him to get out of the house. Im not saying you should throw your marriage away but he needs to realise that you value yourself and this relationship much more than he knows and you will not let him disrespect you any longer. Perhaps if he sees your strength and your seriousness about this disgusting habit he will realise he is throwing away his marriage for stupid thrills. Good luck