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29-05-2012, 02:31 PM
Slms. I want to know if anyone has tried taking Kangmei slimming capsules 4 weight loss while they are on glucophage for insulin resistance? I have heard about all the side effects but recently a doctor told me that its ok to take the tablets together. This doctor also sells the kangmei tabs so I'm not sure if he's just trying to make a quick buck 4rm me or if he's actually done research about it. I want to find out 4rm others who have tried this combo? Thanks in advance.

23-06-2012, 12:44 AM
The only cure for diabetes is exercise and a low gi diet. Slimming capsules is not a magic bullet. This man is definitely making a quick buck you must go to a proper dietician. Slimming capsules are either worthless herbs or caffeine or amphetamine i.e. A drug.

Dr Joy Saville
11-07-2012, 12:44 PM
I have personally tried Kangmei, and experienced a lot of adverse effects. I would not advise people to use this product as it is not registered by the medicines control council. I checked out the contents in the capsules from 2 different suppliers and they differed significantly in colour, taste and smell. So I am not sure what they are putting in these products. A healthy diet in conjunction with exercise is the only way to maintain long term weight loss and will promote better health.

Dr Joy Saville
BSc (CHS). BCM (UTM) Summa Cum Laude
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