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22-07-2012, 06:24 AM
Slmz the problEm I Am encompassing is StrAnGe. PleaZe don't be JudgEmental.I haVe FallEn In Love With ThIs AmaZing Girl. I am a TechniCian By Trade En She Is a DocTor. WHat I am WoRRied AbouT is The DiffereNce iN ouR careeRs. I am In a CompetItTive Dog Eat DoG field wHIlst She Is Earning A GrEat Salary. I ThinK iT was a Mistake foR me To GeT inVolved wIt Her.She shouldve Met an aCccoUntant Or Lawyer etc. What do I do? She doesn't mind Being With me But IF I Can't ProVide foR her Than What's The point? Also I'm Scared Her parents Wil Turn Me DoWN . PlEASE adVise.

22-07-2012, 01:40 PM
Slmz, I feel when undecided about a decision such as marriage, istikhaarah is the best option.
Ask Allah, our sustainer and provider, to guide u to make the best decision, one dat will b good for u in dis world and da next, regarding marriage.
At least u r being proactive and takin into account factors which u feel could b a problem later on in life. Thus enabling u to make an informed decision. However, only Allah knows the future. Have yakeen that things will work out for the best. If ur intention is good, & u sincerely want to marry this grl, Allah will put barakah, so that u will beable to provide for her.
The richest of ppl are not always the ones with degrees.
And the richest of ppl are not always the happiest.
Always ask for barakah and contentment of the heart.
Read ur istikhaarah, and Allah will guide u inshAllah ameen.
If ur istikhaarah is positive, or u have a strong feeling in which u want to propose,
Then do so. Ask her parents for her hand in marriage.
Once u have sought guidance from Allah swt, u won't go wrong, as he will guide u, whether it b to marry this girl,
Or not.
Do not feel that u are not worthy of sum1 due to ur occupation.
U may have such good qualities, as a person, strong imaan, and the desire to provide, as well as makin an effort to do so, for ur future wife in a way dat a husband should.
All those intentions count. Allah hears and knows every1s circumstance, may he guide u to a decision that will bring u peace and happiness InshAllah ameen.

22-07-2012, 02:02 PM
Let me tell you from a girls point of view.if she has accepted you am sure she's aready taken ur occupational factors in account.Maybe she sees you more then jus a technician.and when a girl commits she does look at everything. So try and talk to her about your insecurities she will tell you why she might wana marry u. And if u really love her propose the worst thing that can happen is not being accepted but atleast u know uv tried ur part then regreting.

24-07-2012, 01:16 PM
Marry the one you love. I had been in love with this guy and married another and I am regretting it. Life wouldve been so much more enjoyable with him than this physician who's life is centered around amking money. My love ur husband wil earn not today not tomorrow the day after. Rather have little with love and and affectionate partner than 100s of thousands in the bank. I cud do things over I'd wait for d 1 I loved to do watever he wanted and then get married to him rather then rush into a marriage coz I thought he wouldn't really make a move. Love isn't based on money when your husband can hug you carry you read salaah with you play games with you that's love. My hubbys forever walking wanting to make more money doesn't want kids coz he doesn't have enough money for a m3 bm. I'd rather walk hand in hand with someone I love then drive in an M3 with a man who is money obsessed.