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16-07-2012, 10:00 AM
My dearest nanima, can you please consider having a segmen on your facebook page for recipe of the day/week?? Where you can add a recipe maybe for chicken curry oneday , the next day maybe mutton/lamb curry. akni, breyani, khuri kitch etc. All the basics that is being cooked in the indian home. All the nanima community homecooks can contribute their recipe and style of cooking a dish and that way people can try a new style of cooking and trade recipes. There is a lot of students away from home, bachelors, novice cooks , recently divorce or newly married sisters and brothers that would really appreaciated these recipes. PLease consider this nanima?
For all of you that agree please comment and like !!! Many thanks!!

16-07-2012, 01:50 PM
jzk we do have this already on our website.. i will start inshaAllah sharing them daily
some recipes that i have tried are here http://www.nanima.co.za/category/easy-recipes/
other recipes are here..

I was planning to put a recipe daily what time do you suggest is a good time.. 10am

16-07-2012, 04:37 PM
Jzk Nanima, 10 am is perfect. I am sure alot of us novice cooks will appreciate the recipes. Especialy the basic recipes that get cooked in the indian household on a daily basis and then progress to other dishes. All the talented homecooks can then add their recipes as well under comments. I am a big fan of your page and am daily on your facebook page. Jzk for everything you do, for me going to your page everyday makes me feel like part of the great nanima commumnity!!! May Allah bless you in abundance!!