View Full Version : Walima help needed

30-03-2015, 09:59 PM
Slm please help me. I want to have a walima in August but I have a budget that isn't very big. Please assist with details, numbers or info that I can use for a venue in Lenasia for the 9th of August as well as a cook and the decor. The walima is for 120 people. I only have a budget for 15000. Jazak-Allah

14-04-2015, 10:26 AM
try park primary school hall. they may be able to assist if you cordon the hall for just a few people - 0118521512
if you dont come right, the partidar hall on sylvia street is small and cost effective - 0118522646
the recreation centre hall on protea avenue is also small - 0118524106 or 0824639495
hafsa , house of savouries also does cooking for functions - 0118541480 0712416061