View Full Version : Hygiene regarding home based food business

23-02-2015, 03:31 PM

I have a query/ seek advice regarding approaching a muslim lady who sells savouries and sometimes cooks for people from her home. This lady is the sole bread winner for her entire family and the savoury making and cooking for people is her home based business. She is based in Lenasia and also supplies a well known local bakery with savouries.
The problem is cleanliness. I recently went to fetch my order from her house but was devasted when i saw cockroaches crawling in the lounge and found a cockroach in the box carrying my food.
I do not want to tarnish her name as this is her rozi but is there anything that can be done to assure she works in a clean environment??
I know her neighbour who lives behind her and the neighbour told me not to ask her or tell her anything as i will simply be dismissed.
They have a problem with occassional cockroaches coming into their yard or house but they are dealing with it as best as they can to avoid contamination in their homes. As muslims they are afraid of confronting her for fear of creating bad neighbour relations.

Is there an aalim who can approach her to tell her perhaps if she certifies her products, she can get more business in and in turn also have her home fumigated as not only to be clean as a muslim is of utmost importance but her customers will also not be at risk of getting ill by some chance!
Or would you advise otherwise?

I really feel bad for this woman as she works extremely hard but cleanliless is a must!!!!

I certainly will not be buying from her again as i am quite disgusted but due to the fact that she is the sole bread winner, I am concerned that she get help and advice.