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03-01-2015, 04:29 PM

I am a parent with a kid in Muslim school in Johannesburg or the last 3 years. Started in grade 1 with the school and am really starting to get concerned. My concerns are as follows:
1. I just as many parents of Muslim School pay quite a bit a month in school fees, yet I have to supply every toiletry imaginable which my kid claims to not really use but the school always requires more
2. There is no sports or sports development - leaving a few of the teachers to look after the kids while they kick a soccer ball or hold a cricket bat is not regarded as sports development
3. The school - I mean has anyone recently saw the state of the schools building, etc???
4. The calender of events - I mean a school that suppose to teach children about planning, never ever seems to manage dates for events. Its always last minute and expect parents to cancel their plans - surely with sufficient notice parents can plan
5. Paying for tests and other activities that the child never ends up participating in?
6. Certain classes just stop for a period of time - for e.g. Computer classes stopped for a period of time with the excuse the teacher is busy with something else...SOMETHING ELSE???

I wonder why the school doesn't focus on sports, developing leadership skills and promoting the required thinking needed from the next generation of leaders. Being exposed myself to other non-muslim private schooling systems they offer so much more, not only secular but also for kids to develop and grow into thinkers that are confident. The sports opportunities and development is also on a level that cannot be compared to with the Muslim school in Johannesburg

All is not doom and gloom. I have met with the teachers on numerous occasions and I must say that they are absolutely brilliant. So I guess the problem must be with the board. There isn't even a parents board or some engagement with the parents from the board. I guess its all about the board doing what they think is needed at the least cost.

I really wonder how the more than R20 Million a year is being spent (Thats just from School Fees)

03-01-2015, 11:31 PM
i dont mean to sound bad but waaaay to often we as muslim parents love to sit back, moan and complain constantly about the state of our Islamic schools. Yes I'm not saying they are perfect but why don't we(me included,I'm just as blameworthy) ever stand up and say we ourselves will try and make the change we want to see in our schools. I'm not talking about throwing money at the problem. Im saying actually get off our backsides and organise a proper soccer coach, games against other schools etc. This is just one example. All we seem to do is sit on our high horses with our money and blame others who are actually making an effort and trying to do something, often the president of the shura or board of the school isn't paid and already has an extremely busy schedule.

04-01-2015, 12:01 AM
Previous principal was so comfortable parents engaging him and plans were put in place. He got a sports coach and before he could make things happen, wala, asked to leave. He asked for parents to get involved which many were not only happy to do but were all too excited.

04-01-2015, 01:03 AM
my child goes to a muslim school in p,,i am terribly unhappy with the standard of education,,,learners had 4 different maths teachers this year,,,the last teacher being African,,,the learners couldn't understand what he said,,,my child's maths marks were terrible,,,during parent consults, parents are not allowed to view their children's school books/test files,,,which other schools allow
teachers do not teach there for long,,,they are always looking for better prospects,,,learners have to constantly adjust to new educators and this does not bode well in terms of stability...
we pay for computer classes,,,yet my child has never been for computer classes,,,
P.E is only soccer...in an unkempt piece of land that they call a school ground, adjacent to the school,,,when and IF the teacher feels like it.
foundation phase learners -grades 1-3 do P.E in the car park- there is constant traffic because the musjid on the school premises is used by members of the public as well,,,
this is a matter of great concern,,,although i haven't heard of any accidents,,,u never know!
learners who are in grades 4-12 have their annual sports on 2 different days...1 day for the boys and 1 day for the girls...reasoning being these are baaligh kids...which has it's merits and demerits too,,,
i miss my child's school sports every year...only fathers are allowed to attend and vice versa for mothers and sons...
it's sad if u are a single parent and u are unable to enjoy this day with your child,,,gender applicable,,,
corporal punishment is practised,,,naughty boys are sent to the hafiz saab and they are hit with a stick,,,i wonder why parents have not taken this up with the police/education department,,,
all the female teachers must wear naqaab-a requirement for female staff,,,at the end of the school day,,,parents park in front of the school waiting to pick up their kids,,,some female teachers have their naqaabs up and are clearly visible from the car park,,,some laughing and talking so loudly they can be clearly heard,,,
the female P.E teacher does her lessons near the unkempt piece of land by the car park,,,her purdah is up,,,on the grounds during P.E lessons, she shouts at the top of her voice (thats understandable),,,how-ever after the lesson, she has to pass the rows of cars back to the school gate,,,yet she keeps her purdah up and carries on with the shouting,,,in islam,,,women need to keep their voices down,,,they teach the kids akhlaaq,,,wheres the example???
educators spend a great deal of time on their cell-phones,,,during lesson times,,,,
favouritism seems to be rife at this school-teachers and board members kids are always winning awards,,,get away with misdemeanours etc,,,
teachers are extremely petty and complain about everything,,,many are not qualified,,,they are very poor managers of children,,,they don't attract good qualified educators, i suppose because of the salary not being attractive enough,,,hence a complement of staff who don't have a clue about the business of dealing with kids in a professional and respectful manner,,,
educators speak to learners in a crude and disrespectful manner,,,eg: STOP RUNNING LIKE WILD ANIMALS!etc,,,it's remarkable how learners of all races seem to have EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOUR if they attend "white" schools,,,i've observed that white teachers treat children like little people and set excellent examples,,,learners that attend ex model c schools have very positive self images and are confident,,,
when i did raise some issues about matters that concerned me, my child was picked on and belittled in front of peers and other teachers,,,my child has very poor self-esteem because of this,,,and practically begs me to stay at home now,,,children are "labelled" and treated accordingly!!!
i am certainly not getting VALUE FOR MY MONEY...my child hates being there,,,there is no form of stimulation and leadership programmes in place,,,the schools administrator is an ARMY GENERAL,,,to put it mildly,,,shes constantly shouting instructions on the schools loudspeaker,,,which we all hear,,,i haven't seen her ever speak to children in a loving and kind voice...
the poor children are expected to behave like little ROBOTS,,,as i said they are VERY VERY poor managers of children....when the rot is at the top, what can we expect from the rest of them???
U"d think that our children are there for free,,,the distinct impression is that the school is doing parents a favour by accepting our children there...
my heart goes out to my child....insha-allah i will find another school,,,are MUSLIM SCHOOLS really a solution for muslim parents?
there are lots of government schools that have low school fees, offer a superior level of education and have highly qualified teachers too...parents should consider this option as well!!!