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  1. Cover Me Campaign 2012 – Siphumelele Care Centre Mogoba
  2. Independent Halaal review panel Report – MJC Halaal Trust
  3. Lunch Date 2012 – Zakkiyya Dessert – Red Avalanche and Lava
  4. Lunch Date 2012 – Zakkiyya Main – That Chicks got Balls
  5. Lunch Date 2012 – Zakkiyya Starter Rocket Fuelled Mushroom
  6. Lunch Date Cook Sister – Meet Zakkiya Khan
  7. Cape Town Ramadaan 1433 Timetable – 2012
  8. Durban Ramadan 1433 Timetable – 2012
  9. Johannesburg Ramadan 1433 Timetable – 2012
  10. Decor Drama: Decorating nursery or kiddies room
  11. cyber stalking
  12. zakiyas rotis and halwas
  13. baby
  14. urgent!
  15. Relocating to Cape Town
  16. Kebaab
  17. Ramadan 1433/2012: Race to Goodness
  18. Doctor Doctor – Meet Dr. Joy Saville
  19. eToyiToyi – Report Good, Bad and Ugly Service Delivery
  20. What Madiba said about Mandela Day?
  21. Hajj Prize for 5 Pillars SANZAF Game Show on ITV
  22. Spring Roll or SpringBok
  23. Nanima Day, Baking Tannie and Baking Bachoo Competition
  24. Bachoo’s Ramadan Reward Chart
  25. Tembisa Tsosoloso Ya Afrika Secondary School needs books for library
  26. Karsten dates Proudly South African
  27. daycare,creche in Durban
  28. wanted: a good dentist in Dbn
  29. Matchmaking
  30. Snow in Roshnee and surrounds
  31. Woman’s day – You Strike A Woman, You Strike A Rock
  32. Fayaz Kazi Beard Martyr and other oppression Muslims face in South Africa
  33. Chocolate Burfee Pie
  34. Lenasia Cancer Society Fundraising High Tea
  35. Real Nanima – Honey Roasted Almonds
  36. Solly the Swimming Pool Hippo dies during rescue operation
  37. Unisa
  38. back ache
  39. medical aid
  40. Real Nanima – Rolls Recipe
  41. Lindt Chocolate Brownies Recipe – Naseema Salejee
  42. Real Nanima – Gazebo Chicken
  43. Lunch Date 2012 – Meet Hawa Surtee
  44. Lunch Date 2012 – Hawa Starter – Beda vaari Egg Noodle Crumpet
  45. Lunch Date 2012 – Hawa Main – Baked Chicken, Crumbed Potatoes with a Vegetable Pilaaf
  46. Lunch Date 2012 – Hawa Dessert Burfee Kulfi Ice Cream and Melon Ginger Ice Tea
  47. Real Nanima – Crystal like Toasted steak sandwich
  48. Snackwich sandwich Rainbow Cake
  49. Matric Tips- Hurdles and High Jumps in the Grade 12 Final Examinations
  50. Real Nanima – Chicken Strips and Mediterranean Rice
  51. The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur
  52. Urgent Tuition
  53. Hajj coverage live 2012
  54. Our Fitness Fundi – Anusha Maistry
  55. Real Nanima – Homemade steak roll
  56. Gilli Danda
  57. Fridge cleaning
  58. Stolen phone
  59. Hi :) has anyone tried the new Garnier BB cream?
  60. Anusha Naidoo2 hours ago via BlackBerry Smartphones AppHi all. My mum has loads of gi
  61. Slmz, can I please have a recipe for a "Banana Cake". JIA :)
  62. slmz.can someone plz give me a recipe for butter beans(using koo beans)
  63. Photo - Rally for Gaza tonight at 8pm at Baitun Noor in Lenasia. show your support in
  64. Photo - Food for thought
  65. Photo - What is this and how does it work?
  66. Photo - Fitness Fundi - easy tips you can do at home for Lean and Toned body http://b
  67. Photo - Food for thought
  68. Photo - Blast from the past. Brings back childhood memories.
  69. Photo - Yah, so JR is really gone this time. Heard that the world use to come to a st
  70. Photo - Attempted lunch date contestant Hawa Surtee Beda vaari noodles -yummy
  71. Photo - Food for thought
  72. Photo - I bought bread similar to this for R9.00 the other day. I thought this type m
  73. Photo - Meet Lunch Date contestant - Humaira Meer Hansa - Remember she did the Prawn
  74. Photo - Food for thought
  75. Photo - Cool idea - lego Jelly - remember to wash the lego thoroughly. wonder how it
  76. Photo - Lunch Date Contestant Zakkiyya Khan - She made for us the very creatively nam
  77. Real Nanima: Classic Battered Fish
  78. Photo - Food for thought -
  79. Photo - What is this?
  80. Photo - Lunch Date Contestant Hawa Surtee - She showed us how to make seems to be a w
  81. Photo - Lunch date final will be on Saturday 1 December. Thank you to all the mystery
  82. Photo - Food for thought
  83. Photo - If you are not getting Nanima updates and would like it to show in your newsf
  84. Photo - I wonder how this tree fell. It was not even very windy. fell on the telephon
  85. Photo - Meet our judges for the lunch date cook off Rowena Saloojee, Mariam Vally,Aam
  86. Photo - Blast from the past- did anyone spend hours playing with this.
  87. Photo - The prizes for the winner of lunch date is a plate throphy and phillips air f
  88. Photo - The Lunch Date Contestants Hawa Surtee, Humaira Meer Hansa and Zakkiyya Khan
  89. Photo - Lego Jelly mythbusting - I tried it out here is my experiment. http://bit.ly
  90. Photo - Food for thought
  91. Lunch Date Finals – Drink Challenge
  92. Photo - Watch the lunch date final drink challenge - check what the judges had to say
  93. Photo - food for thought - appreciate your education
  94. Lunch Date 2012 Final – Child Friendly Salad – Watermelon
  95. Photo - Watch the lunch date episodes, who will be the Cook Sister - Photos by Rowe
  96. Photo - Drink Challenge - If you had these ingredients and out of your head had to ma
  97. Photo - Pride of Indian Cooking Competition - Answer This question here.What food was
  98. Photo - Lunch Date 2012 Final – Challenge - create a child friendly salad using water
  99. Photo - Lunch Date 2012 Final – Challenge - create a child friendly salad using water
  100. Lunch date Final – Chicken and Roti challenge
  101. Lunch Date 2012 Cook Sister is…
  102. Photo - And the lunch date cook sister 2012 is..... winner of the Lunch Date cook si
  103. Photo - see the episodes - http://www.nanima.co.za/tag/lunch-date-2012/ Rowena Saloo
  104. Photo - see all the episodes http:// www.nanima.co.za/tag/lunch-date-2012/ Photos by
  105. Photo - to see the lunch date episodes - Photos by Rowena Saloojee from Secret and St
  106. Photo - Lunch date Final – Make a chicken and Roti dish in 60 minutes Ask Nanima? htt
  107. Video - please share this video with your Family and Friends? Do you think that your
  108. Photo - Daily Questions - Do you have any questions please place them here. We will r
  109. South African School terms and holiday Calendar 2013 for Public and Independent schoo
  110. Photo - I am finalising the Lunch date DVD series. Just want to test out to see if it
  111. Photo - Congratulations to Raisa Moosa for winning the Pride of Indian Cooking Recipe
  112. Photo - Congratulations to our Lunch Date 2012 Cook Sister Hawa Surtee to see the fin
  113. Photo - Blast from the past - eish these were ugly.. what were we thinking.. who owne
  114. Photo - Cool idea especially for these summer days
  115. slmz I will be traveling to dubai during da festive season,I'd like to hire a car dur
  116. Schools are closed - are you a nerd, do you get all your back to school shopping done
  117. Which phone is better? The I phone or samsung galaxy. Is one more cost effective then
  118. Slmz... Has any1 applied to the AAA School of Advertising in Randburg? And have u bee
  119. Slmz plz help, my domestic flooded by bedroom, and nw the carpets have a damp smell.
  120. Duchaaz garage sale - do you have any white elephants, dust collectors you want to se
  121. slmz.i need help URGENTLY.ladysmith was hit by a bad hailstorm yestetday which caused
  122. What's everyone up to this holiday? We only go away off peak, 3rd week January when w
  123. Salaam Nanima, please can you check your e-mail urgently
  124. im lookin for a playstation.Does anyone have a second hand one that they want to sell
  125. Looking for a nurturing enviro for ur precious gem after school?Where they'll be take
  126. Does anyone have any golden circle justin bieber tickets..please let me know!
  127. "Matchmaking 2012 – Female Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/vZZNP6"
  128. "Matchmaking Monday - Male Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/xAVK61"
  129. slmz looking 4 th bbm contact of the person who has all these holiday accommodation/t
  130. Doctors in lenasia who does x-rays leave numbers pls
  131. Slmz does anyone know the randburg testing station route? Where does it start and end
  132. Slms ... Hi ladies ... Sum help please ...its my lil boys bday n wana take kiddies f
  133. Slms leaving 4 Umrah this week wat should we keep in mind
  134. Jobs - looking or offering a sebenza, job.. place your request in this post
  135. Salaam I have a domestic worker looking for work on a tues and thurs in crosby/mayfai
  136. Slms
  137. Home Industry Adverts - Place your home industry advertising in this post ONLY. if yo
  138. slmz is the food in shifa hospital strictly halaal?jzk
  139. looking for someone who wil teach little girls craft pref with beads ext 7 or 8 years
  140. Slms jus moved into house, wana know what's a good product to clean wooden floors n t
  141. slmz any 1 knws wat happen in kzn think ladysmith or colenso rumours of tonado jia
  142. Urgent!! Any1s knows who does ghd repairs in da dbn area? Contact detaiks plz,shukran
  143. Salaams! I'm looking for self catering apartments (2 bedroom) for a month in the gre
  144. ?????? ????? I'd like opinions on which operating system is preferable - Windows 7 or
  145. Salaams Nanima and fansAnyone knows where I can get a GHD, Cloud 9 or a Carrolis in J
  146. Slms Nanima... A friends daughter is going to study in Groenkloof, Hatfield and she's
  147. Hi. Your column rocks. My feet really swells during summer making it uneasy and painf
  148. Slmz, has anyone tried either CLARINS or NIMUE face products? I am contemplating tryi
  149. slmz I'm having a problem logging onto the internet from my bb...the error msg is 100
  150. Is there a safe way 2 take fabric glue off a cotton scarf?
  151. slm. my daughrt gt vaseline on her denim shorts.ny tips on how I can remove it please
  152. Salaams I need some info on where I can do the following this December in and around
  153. Wslms. I need some recipes for turkey stuffing. Pls share. Shkr.
  154. salamz, iam looking for hotels in capetown for 22dec2012-1stjan2012would prefer if th
  155. Slms. Does Anybody know any good affordable hotels Pretoria side, near Laudium side.
  156. if Bollywood had to cast Christian Grey, who should it be?
  157. Slmz. Anyone selling samoosas in Mayfair/Fordsburg? Need 6 doz tomorrow morning. Pls
  158. Slms, I am looking to rent a flat in greenside, parktown, emmarentia, cresta area for
  159. Slm I need a Tupperware agent in da Mayfair/Northern surburb area...
  160. Slmz. Wanted to know who sells homemade chicken Biryani in Jhb need it for a work fun
  161. Salaam nanima and friends, how do I get rid of this bad smell from an old flask. It k
  162. slmz whats happenin in durbs for the holidays,anythink new ......
  163. plz help wit da name of a gud and reasonable dentist in da pmb area for some cosmeti
  164. 2 bedroom flat mackenzie park ...Benoni. For sale contact fatima 0792608363
  165. Does anyone know where I can purchase nice modern office clothes that are also Islami
  166. Slm does any1 know where pampers nappies is on special this week ?
  167. AnonAssalaamu AlaikumWhat courses are available for a school leaver without matric ?
  168. Slms, please could I have some reviews on washing machines. Need to buy one soon, loo
  169. •If ur a one (large enough) or two bedroom apartment/flat owner (Durban - North Beach
  170. Slmz please helpI have an aspire one netbook and have an external drive to watch dvds
  171. Slmz. Looking for a tailor in Mayfair \ Fordsburg area that can mend a tear in a leat
  172. Does any1 have contact details 4 Rayhana Vally-shes ordered macarons from me and hasn
  173. Slms.my bb 9900 is fully charged but the moment I touch it it goes off;wat cud be the
  174. Does any1 have Justin Bieber tickets, willing to sell?
  175. Photo - Food For Thought
  176. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ????????? Can anybody & everybody plz "like
  177. VACANCY:A vacancy for an aalim/aalimah is available at a girls darul uloom in springs
  178. Salaams, pliz re-post, JIA. Salaams, I humbly request dua ishifa for my Aba, Haji Mah
  179. Slmz.. 3 pc cellini microlite luggage + cellini vanity bag for sale - R2000For more i
  180. Slms...wonder if any1 can pls help me with the contact details of the lady who makes
  181. Slmz, a sister who sells the red velvet cupcake batter for I think R40 commented on m
  182. Slmz... I'm looking to find companys in dbn that give away or sell mirror off cuts..
  183. Photo - Food for thought
  184. Photo - Bachoo and i love to walk here
  185. Photo - Yoh imagine opening your musallah and getting this lekker surprise. I wonder
  186. Photo - Does switching of the geyser save electricity? does anyone have a geyser time
  187. Photo - Food for thought
  188. Photo - Do you travel light? Share your luggage packing tips
  189. Photo - Armed and ready for the beach. Just waiting for sun to drop a bit. Days are l
  190. Photo - Food for thought
  191. Photo - Maybe a lego cake will be easier.. Thanx Khadija for the pic
  192. Photo - Blast from the past - I saw these the other day..
  193. Photo - Food for thought
  194. Nanny or caregiver from the Far East?
  195. Photo - Big tree- outeniqua yellowood 800 years old about 33m high 12m circumference
  196. Photo - Sunset
  197. Photo - Kringe in die bos. This part of the world just reminds you of daleen mathees
  198. Photo - Full house gatsby and also had some lekker hake. Wide variety menu at Trios i
  199. Photo - Castle by the sea at Noetzie 10000 steps later
  200. Photo - Seems like a good idea if lights go out or during camping. Use a head lamp in
  201. Photo - Food for thought
  202. Photo - Vote for Ask Nanima? in the South African blog awards - Please reply to confi
  203. Photo - Apparently ostrich meat is very healthy compared to other red meats. Anyone h
  204. Photo - Wear sunscreen- how do you protect your kids and families skin from the sun.
  205. Photo - Kango caves.. I always remember difference between stalagmite might reach the
  206. Photo - Food for thought -
  207. Photo - Do you enjoy roughing it out and camping? What was your favourite camping exp
  208. Photo - Food for thought - hope you had a great day - mum
  209. Photo - Blast from the past - remember these. any broke any windows..
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  211. Desperate to do a load of washing in Umhlanga. Where can I find a laundromat open tod
  212. Slms, desperately looking for the numbers of the madressahs in bryanston... I Have po
  213. Slmz n Hello Where can I get dry fruit in Cape town?
  214. how do I post anonymously?
  215. Hi does anyone know what do you use to remove black(rotten food stain)from white tabl
  216. Slmz. Are there any muslim butcheries in Lenz that are open today?
  217. Slmz hw are u?where can I get engravin pens from,fatima 0793876949 bbpin 22562cB8
  218. Salaams - does anyone know if any malls will be open today ? Pavilion / gateway - DBN
  219. Slms where can I get karrimore school bags its urgent pse help!!!!!
  220. Looking for private Higher Grade Maths tuition next year, in Durban (Morningside)? A
  221. Slmz I'm looking for Farzana Sader who conducted research on the identity of muslim w
  222. Salaams. Can anyone recommend some nice Halaal restaurants to eat in Port Elizabeth?
  223. Is the Dubai Souk in Dbn open on 1 January?
  224. I need help. Wusthof of victor inbox knives? Which is better?
  225. any dentists that are open this afternoon.. Jhb area... Urgent
  226. slmz. Im looking for a strawberry soufflι recipe. Can someone pls share a tasty tried
  227. Slm, totem bags r excellent. Both my kids used them n they provide good lumbar suppor
  228. slmz...looking for a tasty sheesh kabaab recipe for braai plz!
  229. Jobs - looking or offering a job place your request here
  230. Thank you to all that voted #SAblogawards . Ask Nanima voted 2nd in the food category
  231. ??Ÿ ppl plz help my mum get many more likes jst follow the link Photos of Esquire Sou
  232. Sasha Storm ArnoldSalaam Nani, can you suggest any outdoor games I can play with my k
  233. Matchmaking Monday - Male Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/xAVK61
  234. "Matchmaking 2012 – Female Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/vZZNP6
  235. Looking for transport from Roshnee or Lenasia to Auckland Park, Monday to Friday. 08:
  236. Salaam Nani, can you suggest any outdoor games I can play with my kids nieces and nep
  237. Slms,can ne1 tel me if gateway stores r open 2mrw? Also,wht tym do da stores close in
  238. Photo - As 2012 is being washed away. Name only 1 simple realistic goal for 2013 and
  239. Slmz, could someone recommend a good 5star family resort in mauritius, something that
  240. Slms,can someone help me with directions to delta park ?
  241. Hi pple! Plzzzz help I'm lookin a contact no 4 a lady named victoria? She goes 2 ppls
  242. Slms, desperately looking for the numbers of the madressahs in bryanston
  243. Photo - Back in the concrete jungle. This is the best time to be in jozi. Driving suc
  244. Photo - Breakfast in Parys opposite vaal
  245. Well done IEB matriculants. The rest few more sleeps and the wait will be over. What
  246. Home industry of the day - please place all your home industry adverts in this post o
  247. Could anyone please help me ? How do I get to the matchmaking page without waiting on
  248. Slmzz °
  249. Slms! I have just finished making a redvelvet cake (my first) the icing isn't cream c
  250. Maaf bb pin 298BEBC6