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  1. Slms...am looking for madressas in the umhlanga area for children please. If anybody
  2. Duchaaz Garage sale - Do you have any dust collectors, white elephants, buyers remors
  3. Slm nani.where can i get elephante or cobbles shoes in the mayfair, fordsburg area pl
  4. Slmz.. Looking for makeup artist around sunninghill/morningside/sandton area??
  5. Slms, Looking for a tried and tested Murukku recipe. Shukran
  6. slms I hav 3 kittens tht I need to giv away asap. fr free!!! jhb area. :).
  7. Hi Nanima where can I message you hun?
  8. Madrassah Islamia Buccleuch Open Day today 9th January 2013 from 3 pm - No.2 Muller S
  9. Fatima Hathurani GangatSlmz.wanted 2 know if any1 has a problem with the new cake whe
  10. Verushka Mufc SinghMorning everyoneI'm in search of a really good Orthodontist in Jhb
  11. Slmz naani n frendz my lil boy jus started school gr1 jus wondering what I could buy
  12. Backroom or flat to rent in lenz, please let me know if there is anything available.
  13. hi,i was at the Durban Souk last week,there was a store which was selling those massa
  14. Slm_ does any1 have a delicious recipe 4 Gnocchi? JIA
  15. Slm.can anyone recommended a mechanic who works with BMW's.rather urgent.previous per
  16. Home Industry - Place all your home industry advertising in this post ONLY. if you w
  17. Slmz all. Does anyone have a prawns recipe like casablanca or jimmys lemon butter sty
  18. Slmz.wanted 2 know if any1 has a problem with the new cake wheat flour.Everytime I ma
  19. Salaams. I am interested in moving to JHB. Can anyone tell me a moderate salary to be
  20. Salaams / Hi, I am looking for someone who does swimming classes for ladies and kids
  21. Salaams. Is everyone refreshed after their holidays? Good luck to all with little one
  22. Slms Mums.. So.. what's in the lunch box today?
  23. Photo - Enter the Baking Tannie 2013 competition and stand a chance to win a Bosch Fo
  24. Looking for a drivers side headlamp for a nissan patrol suv 2000 model 4.2. In and ar
  25. Slms Nanima, just for the record I did recognise you at Mochacho's. I just didn't wa
  26. Check out these deals.....Kiarra Resort-Drakensburg 4 slpr 11-19 jan R1450 for da WHO
  27. Slm...Is gateway Mc Donalds Halaal?
  28. aslm, i am looking for a full time, stay inn maid, benoni, plz inbox or email sameera
  29. Any 1 doing these unisa modules dis semester INV3703 ACN3073 ACN306Y TXN203D TXN201B.
  30. Slms.. Please can someone suggest smart furniture stores .. Looking for a sofa and di
  31. Any reliable and good dressmakers in Jhb East Rand area. Tia
  32. Slms .. Please can someone advise regarding nice halaal restaurants in Durban... Also
  33. Salaams anyone selling ajmaan and kashka? if I'm not mistaken, scarves pls let me kno
  34. Slmz, does any1 know of a good psychologist in dbn? Plz giv the numba als0 if u can.
  35. Slms. Wats halaal in mossel bay?
  36. Slms. Has anyone seen or delivered/had a caesarian section with the gynecologist Dr B
  37. Nanima Forum - husband is inconsiderate http://bit.ly/10e1Lwq
  38. Fathima DawjeeNeed a good affordable dressmakers dbn area please .tanx
  39. Slmz. I'm looking for anyone in Barberton that can help me please. I recently moved a
  40. slmz.. looking for accom in durbs... preferably Palace or breakers... january... 7 ni
  41. Slmz I'm looking for somone that hires out petitions/screens/dividers in lenz
  42. Anyone know of any restaurants or people that make Memon Akhni in Cape Town? must be
  43. slmz..im looking for a really good caterer in johannesburg. i'd prefer someone who do
  44. Slmz, does any1 know wher I'm able to buy fake grass? Tia
  45. Photo - yoh it is hot especially in the car, how is everyone coping with this heat wa
  46. slms does anyone do transport from durbs to lenz -i need to transport chairs (small t
  47. Slmz.just wanted to know if hubcaps deliver and whats good on the menu?thanks
  48. slms.can someone share an easy spring roll sheet recipe
  49. Wellness Wednesday - we finally have a doctor on board to assist us with health quest
  50. Slms. Is there any other place in Makkah or Madinah that sells exclusive abayas excep
  51. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ???????????? I'm looking for a playschool fo
  52. Slmz....I'm urgently looking for someone that assists with passports in jhb area...in
  53. Slms . Where in Durbs can i get Everyday wear abaya's in cool fabric , not tooo xpen
  54. Aslms , I am urgently looking for some1 that does home schooling and that is register
  55. Does any1 hav montesorri home study books to sell
  56. slmz,can a learned person or aalim tell me if the name nuha is a good n nice name for
  57. Ask Nanima? Salaams nanima. Is anyone out there a member of the sun international pri
  58. Slms...is there anyone that that is selling is sissy boy jeans @ a good price...and d
  59. Nana Bagies Wise words - Best to do good anonymously than do bad famously
  60. Slmz, is Gateway Wimpy halaal?
  61. Slm. Who sells forest fairy chocs in Jhb?
  62. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? Who offers the best packages andd
  63. salaam I need to know if there are any psychologists who work from home in Lenasia? T
  64. Photo - Has everyone survived the first day of school morning rush. School fees, stat
  65. Salaam I need to know where in Lenasia can I buy kajoor? Thanks
  66. Looking for accommodation in/around Kruger for February. Places to visit while there
  67. slmz all - I once visited a dermatologist in rosebank, a barbara goldberg - I don't h
  68. Baking Tannie 2013
  69. What hospital plan would you recommend?. Family of 4 thats affordable dont want all t
  70. Slms, urgently looking for transport from boundary rd, houghton. Near wits med school
  71. salaams -anyone out there that can help a very dear friend to access blocked inbox me
  72. Salaams, looking for Tour Operators doing packages to Thailand. Please inbox. TIA
  73. slmz ladies. Does ne1 knw of designer I tink she's in sherwood or parlock (dbn) by d
  74. Does anyone know if cortisone shampoo (clobex) has any effect in stimulating hair gro
  75. Slms. Looking for contact details for ladies who do mehndi in the Pmburg area. Also s
  76. Slmz/Hey... Where or what can I use as pure vanilla extract as well as where or what
  77. pure vanilla extract
  78. Nani I have a new Bridal Gararah to sell red & gold ...persons interested can bb me p
  79. Hi...if u no of anyone looking for a PA / office admin job, pls let me know. Wil b wo
  80. Salaams. Does anyone know of someone doing Hifz for girls in the Melville/Aukland Par
  81. Photo - Food for thought
  82. Are you looking for help with School Maths for Grade 10 to 12, or know someone who ne
  83. Need contact numbers for companies who buy old school furniture. Thanks
  84. Looking for a nanny or daymother for infant in sherwood\overport area.
  85. Urgently looking for a job anywhere in JHB in just about any field as im willing to l
  86. Headlines - Farmworkers strike Grabouw closes part of N1 highway http://bit.ly/13i0
  87. salaams. intend on investing in a washing machine and drier, 2 in 1. please advice if
  88. Slmz. Looking for good accommodation in Fordsburg. Hotel or self catering.
  89. Salaams, Anyone knows who or where they give tafseer lessons in the mornings in Lenz?
  90. Contract upgrade time . Had enough issues with blackberry . freezing,delays its a cra
  91. Slmz nanima! Update on Ilhaam Dawood: Ilhaam and her parents will be heading to India
  92. Slms looking for some1 that does serviette folding lessons in jhb as well as differen
  93. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ??????????? Someone was advertising Nursery
  94. slms. anybody has a 2007 model mazda 3 who has done over 170 000 km.. hav u had any p
  95. Any good podiatrists in the jhb area?
  96. Salaams. Need someone in the Benoni area who can fix a dishwasher please. Jzk.
  97. Which would be more effective in this scorching heat, an air cooler or a portable air
  98. Salams does any1 knw were in DBN I can get ready made Stunning dresses 4 weddings? Fo
  99. Salaams.Looking for a job in KZN in marketing, media, event co-ordinating, fund raisi
  100. Mohammed Amien Rajahslmz ,when i bought my house i didnt get my house plans.Where can
  101. Fathima Peer-Mehtarslmz. Looking for 'no bake' recipes for 2 little girls who want to
  102. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ?????????? One and all, can someone pls hel
  103. Aslm, please share halaal eating places along Garden route (Mossel Bay and George) JI
  104. Slmz looking for self catering accommodation in Cape Town ,preferably close to
  105. Urgently looking for transport from Lenasia South to Phillip le Roux street off Malib
  106. slmz ,when i bought my house i didnt get my house plans.Where can i get my house plan
  107. Slmz/Hi.Is there anyone studying 'Introduction to Auditing Theory and Auditing Practi
  108. slmz. Looking for 'no bake' recipes for 2 little girls who want to be in the kitchen.
  109. Photo - Enter the Baking Tannie 2013 Competition - for more info http://bit.ly/Bakin
  110. Slmz. Urgently looking for recommendations on people who do renovations - in particul
  111. Travel Thursday - place all your ********* sales, travel stuff in this post ONLY
  112. Slmz, I'm looking for Dr. Jassat's number in fordsburg. The one who does circumcision
  113. Home Industry of the day - Please place all your home industry advertising in this po
  114. slmz, is there anyone looking for a natural science post at a high school in lenasia,
  115. Salaam, does anyone know of a good dressmaker in Lenasia, Robertsham, Ridgeway, Mayfa
  116. Slm. Does anyone have contact numbers for someone that specializes in banners in durb
  117. SlmsMy friend has booked at warmbaths with someone selling peoples *********s via bbm
  118. Slmz.need help plsss.anyone has a list of books and stationary for grade 11 student f
  119. Slmz does anybody knw the contact details of Imaam Ekeraam Diedericks in Ext 1, Eldor
  120. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? If anyone in the Durban area know
  121. Slmz:) 2nd hand wedding dress for sale.....A european stunning boob-tube wedding dres
  122. slmz.Anyone interested in having a lift club for lenasia muslim school-grade 1 from e
  123. A female student requires a lift from Actonville to WITS Univ. Please inbox if u have
  124. Nanima Forum - Do South African fathers baby their kids? http://bit.ly/13iVQop(to ans
  125. Slmz.I want to dye my hair( dark chocolate brown or something with some color with hi
  126. MADRASAH FAATIMAH TUZ ZAHRALenasia - Private Madressah Classes• A madressah with a di
  127. looking for someone to provide meals for 8 people for 4 days in Hartebeestpoort
  128. Slms, besides Overport where can I buy nice scarves? Any bb groups..pins will be appr
  129. Nanima forum - 7 year old daughter yearning for her father http://bit.ly/U6Qg3N(you c
  130. Slmz,does anyone know of any nice 2 bedroom flats in durban central.jzkl
  131. slms,anyone have a yummy lemonade recipe with fresh lemons and not sprite! jzk
  132. slms.I have kids islamic books from Gr 1-11.is there anywhere I can donate these book
  133. Looking for ppl who own montessoris/schools/madressas.. For kids from 3-16 ..Plz inbo
  134. Slmz,Could someone please share the contact details and address for Forest Fairies Co
  135. Photo - What's on the menu today , I am sure slaving next to a hot stove is just tort
  136. any idea who I can contact in Durban to re enamel a bath tub?tx
  137. Slmzzz does any1 know of sum1 that makes wedding cakes in the mayfair area??
  138. Slms! Does anyone know of a good swimming academy that teaches lil kids from 2 yrs n
  139. Sumaya MohamedWhich would be more effective in this scorching heat, an air cooler or
  140. Does anyone know of a nice party venue for kids in pietermaritzburg?
  141. Slmz, maaf I didn't know where to post this. Anyone looking for transport from Lenasi
  142. Nanima Forum - selfish husband http://bit.ly/UCivWv
  143. Slms pls post anon. Has anyone exp club feet with they kids can it be fixd is it some
  144. Nanima Forum - Simple Walimah Decor in Durban - looking for venues that provides faci
  145. Photo - Fitness Fundi - very interesting skipping rope. looks like it monitors the sk
  146. Slm. Can some1 recommend a florist in cpt plz?
  147. Heat wave warning and prevention of heat exhaustion
  148. slmz. What treatment can an elderly person have for bells palsy of d eye?
  149. slmz. What treatment can an elderly person have for bells palsy of d eye?
  150. Slms,can all Nanima friends plz help me to petition Dischem pharmacies to stock cocon
  151. Car spare parts to be sold contact 0765010603
  152. Photo - Food for thought -
  153. "Hazelmere Mazaar intends to take 15 of their underprivileged kids for UMRAH in Marc
  154. Hello everyone, its that time of the year - Back 2 School. I need help. I know a fami
  155. Photo - Afzal Hamed this is how you make fish minus the tamatie planks but plus tamat
  156. Slmz/ hi urgent request : if anyone has pictures or videos of the incident whereby my
  157. Entries for Baking Tannie streaming in. Nominate your favourite Baker or enter the co
  158. Slmz. Looking for someone who makes birthday cakes in JHB and doesn't charge a fortun
  159. Headlines - Tshwane Heatwave warning and tips on how to prevent heat exhaustion. htt
  160. ??????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? any easy refreshing drinks recip
  161. slmz...I'm looking for a 'supergirl' T shirt. Can anyone plz lemme know if theyv seen
  162. who gives aqua aerobics classes in Durban?
  163. Nanima forum - Husbands trust, what would you do? http://bit.ly/XQn6KM (you can reply
  164. Looking 4 a MUSLIM nanny/au pair, flexible hours, Mayfair area.. PIN 22861001
  165. How do u teach a grade 1 part 1 madressah work ,aish I'm running out of patience sum1
  166. 52 week Savings Challenge
  167. slmz,my cuz is visiting the US (michigan) and wants to buy me chocolates. so what cho
  168. Slms. Looking for someone attending FLB college in Randburg ( 3rd year BAcc. ) Please
  169. Slmz. Looking for address/ directions/ co ordinates for jamaat khana in Port Edward p
  170. Salaams...what lentils and pulses are safe 2 eat while breastfeeding? I heard pink le
  171. Aslkm Looking for a lifted club to and from overport to al azhar school in town. Mor
  172. Hi looking for a company that sells, installs aircons at reasonable prices. TIA
  173. Slmz. Looking for accomodation in Durban from the 28th of march til 1st of April. A f
  174. Salaams.wanted to knw wat can b used to kill lizzards?tia
  175. Salaams, trying to renew/upgrade my MTNSP contract, but no one I visited seems to hav
  176. What's on events - place all your events, markets, workshops, fetes, fundraisers, mar
  177. slm who does really nice facials in dbn?
  178. 52 week savings challenge- I saw this the other day in dollars and tried to adapt it
  179. Slm, What r the "must tries" frm the book. "Half past eight?" Jazakallah
  180. Slms if anybody has cupboards to give away pls inbox me its for a very poor family th
  181. Slmz can someone please advise as which group would be the best for a 3 harams tour?
  182. Home industry of the day - place all your home industry adverts in this post ONLY
  183. ????? ????? ????????? ?????? ???????? ???????? Can any1 pls tell me if there's a mos
  184. Slms anyone know of a good spa in jhb to take hubby for his birthday. Somewhere smart
  185. Slmz all. JM. Does anyone know why its advisable NOT to give a baby (under 1yr) straw
  186. Hi all.Looking for the following UNISA textbooks if anyone is looking to sell theirs:
  187. Slm all. Can someone please send me a list of all the islamic stations that you can l
  188. Slmz. Please can I have recipes for sides dishes(cold salads, potato dishes etc) that
  189. Slm are there any reasonable daycare centres in Lenasia South that provide transport
  190. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ??????????? Does anyone know who I can contact
  191. salaam nanima. please help.. where can i find pretty scarfs in jhb?
  192. Photo - Blast from the past - used this intro to pacify poiroo(my son) especially whe
  193. Salaams, can someone please assist. I am looking for a spare lid for a Moulinex liqui
  194. Faheemah OsmanSalaams.wanted to knw wat can b used to kill lizzards?
  195. Zaakira Seedat Dawood can sum1 pls tell me how choc stains can be removed from a kids
  196. Mohamed Daya - an-Nasihah - Android Lecture Apps on Google Play http://bit.ly/Vru9qN
  197. Slms if u did da module MNE3704 FAMILY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT III (unisa) plz inbox me
  198. ?????? ????? ? ???? ???? ? ?????? can sum1 pls tell me how can choc stains b removed
  199. Is de any vacancies in the sydenham area or surroundn areas from monday 2 friday 4wm
  200. salaam I'm looking for a good (gentle) dentist in the robertsham mayfair or fordsburg
  201. slmz. Anyone else having trouble with their CII receivers? We in Northern Kzn (Dannha
  202. Yumna ShaikSalaams...what lentils and pulses are safe 2 eat while breastfeeding? I he
  203. Nabeela Mahomedslmz,my cuz is visiting the US (michigan) and wants to buy me chocolat
  204. Adila Khan DeshmukhSlmz all. JM. Does anyone know why its advisable NOT to give a bab
  205. Nanima Forum - looking for supplement to stop drug Addiction from lady in Mayfair ht
  206. Slms can anyone please assist me when u finished ur degree from unisa..did unisa cont
  207. Is there anyone that is doing ACE through OLG?
  208. Slms! Nanima please help me!! :( urgently looking for transport from Lenasia to Randb
  209. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? Does anyone know of any lift club
  210. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? Looking for a nyc venue for weddi
  211. Slmz.anyone know where I can fin juzdaans in lenz.jzks
  212. Please bc and forward to your contacts. Dear Parents, please note that reliable trans
  213. salaams,there was a post earlier today about saving money,can't seem to find it,did a
  214. Please like the following page: http://www.facebook.com/ValerianEvents Corporate and
  215. ants invasion!!!any idea how to get rid of them?tried baby powder,helpd abit but not
  216. Salaam, where can I get nice dinner sets in Jhb? Looking for something unusual but no
  217. For Once can the Muslims in South Africa be united and stand together in support of A
  218. If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at thefront door,
  219. slms. I have a whirlpool dishwasher. D past few days I noticed that d rinse aid is le
  220. ?????????? ?????????? Looking for a 3 bedroom house to rent in Crosby, Greenside or E
  221. slms lookin 4 transport from overport to eseendeen rd for madressa betw 3-5
  222. Photo - Food for thought
  223. Slmz everyone, please visit this page http://www.facebook.com/mhh786 It is a non prof
  224. If any one is on any of the Aphrodite lingerie bb groups, please note that my bb was
  225. Please help. I'm looking for Fathima mahommed. Think she's from Cape Town,sells brand
  226. Slmz,can anyone suggest a lawyer with heart in durban that can assist a mentally reta
  227. Headlines - asteroid no longer a threat to Earth
  228. Rohingyan muslim people of Burma need our help. People need to be made aware of their
  229. Salaams looking for day mother/nanny in Benoni to take care of a 5 month old baby. Pl
  230. Hi anyone looking for transport from lenesia to the university of johannesburg auklan
  231. Slms anyone been to the zimbali resort. Is it worth it?
  232. As salaamu alaikum... I would like some recommendations for a bridal makeup artist a
  233. Reminder Today's Income Opportunity Showcase is at 10am at the Canal Walks Auditoruim
  234. salaams nani ma.. My business ANEESA'S TRENDY SPICES has a new pin:25AE1CE5 or call 0
  235. SalaamsWould like to find out if anyone has ever purchased from comx.co.za/comx-compu
  236. Please postRooms to let in Overport for a beauty, hair, massage or alternate therapy
  237. Slms I am looking to details where I can post my adverts on weekly newsletters and ot
  238. Slms. Any good remedies for piles.
  239. Hi im look for a single or couple no kids.to rent in lenasia south.fone 011 8551386.
  240. Slms ppl which is the best contract to take cost effective mtn ,vodacom or Cellc.
  241. Zaheera Ganie MustappaSlmz,can anyone suggest a lawyer in durban that can assist a m
  242. SlmZ... Dus any1 knw where iu can get long dressses or any outfits in the joburg area
  243. Slm All. Where would I find really pretty mirrors for a dressing table in Jhb.
  244. Hi. Any ideas where I can get "Jumpstart" cds in durban. Used to buy from Game & CNA
  245. Slmz lukin 4 a plumber in d mayfair area urg jazk
  246. slmz nani and coim having a braai tonight and kinda stumped on dessert for afterwards
  247. slmz Looking to replace my current mattress, please advice really confused too many o
  248. Looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat to rent in the ormonde, robertsham, ridgeway area,
  249. Slmz Urgently Looking for a plumber in the Mayfair,Mayfair West ,Crosby Area Jazakall
  250. For Sale:IPAD - 64g/3G/WIFI @ R2500SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB - 10.1 @ R3500Excellent conditi