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  1. Slmz all. Has anyone been to bangkok and phuket? What are the best attractions and sh
  2. I'm looking for a flat or house to rent or buy in Lenz or surrounding areas, preferab
  3. Traffic cops plan weekend Blitz (all over)Traffic officers will be out on all major r
  4. Nanima Book Club - The Alchemist Paulo Coelho. Join the book club in the forum to dis
  5. Salams...plz whoever sells everyday tops and handbags,shoes,baby clothing ne ting plz
  6. ??????????? ?????????? ?? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????????? Does anybody have the telep
  7. Salaams, where can I get travel vaccines for umrah in the fordsburg Mayfair area?
  8. Does any1 have numbers of beauticiand that do waxing,threading etc in the roberthsham
  9. salaam.looking for a 2bedroom flat/cottage in mayfair,brixton,crosby.URGENT PLS
  10. Madrassah Faatimah Zahraa (Radiallahu Ta'aalah Anha) situated in crosby is now open f
  11. Where in Durban can I get dry ice from please?
  12. Slmz, does anyone know where i can find Dora the explorer themed party stuff, such as
  13. Student Boarding available for Muslim males and females....Girls based in Auckland Pa
  14. Are hair extensions permitted in islam?
  15. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ???????????? Does any1 knw who does embroide
  16. Slmz, jus wntd 2 know wen u guys use d mochacho's spice do url cook chicken in d oven
  17. Slmz all.just had a bright idea for any1 interested.if u gonna close the fnb account
  18. Asalaamualaikum, require accomodation for two students pref close to UCT, inbox with
  19. Slmz all.Please advise closest Salaah facilities for Jumah in Randburg near the Brigh
  20. anyone studyn through OLG - Open Learning Group?pls inbox me.tx
  21. I saw the most adorable down syndrome child today while shopping @ Sandton.. he must
  22. Slms... so i got pic kpocketed @ Sandton today while shopping :( my phone is gone
  23. I am looking to buy a second hand booster car seat for my little girl. Either Graco o
  24. salaams all mummies and mommies to be. please like our page :)
  25. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ???????????? Planning on going to Cape To
  26. Hi, anyone know of where I can get padded headboards made to match decor n size of be
  27. Slms. Any1 selling good hair irons/straightners @ good reasonable prices? Thnx :)
  28. Slms can any1 tell me what r da best places 2 visit in malaysia kL
  29. Assalaamu alaikum. Are there any halaal food outlets or restaurants in bloemfontein?
  30. slmzz mummys and kids- like our page for our latest updates, specials and stockist. h
  31. Salaams, Where can I get rotis, preferably brown, anywhere in JHB areas like Fordsbur
  32. Slmz. Does anyone know an optometrist in or around Durban that stocks ProClear Toric
  33. slmz does any1 no where I can get pharmaclinix or mama mio products from jzk
  34. slmz. Does anyone know who does carpet cleaning in the Mayfair area? Jzk
  35. Slmz could someone plz share the kosi kosi ackni recipe plz jzk
  36. Slmz once again is tere any other place i can take my 4yr , 9yr, 2 year old were they
  37. Hi Does anyone know of a shuttle service from the airport to Lenz - email add. and te
  38. Slmz all does anybody no how much is gold reef city n wat time they close.
  39. Slmz, im currently BF my 8 month old LG, i wish to start formula coz i feel her needs
  40. Slm all, can anybody refer me to some1 that does professional hair and make-up in dur
  41. I am looking for a lift club/transport that travels from Asherville/Overport to La lu
  42. Can anyone assist with safe remedies for a tummy bug. Five months pregnant and tummy
  43. Slmz urgently looking for someone that travels from erasmia to centurion daily betwee
  44. Salaamz does n e1 know where can I get smart abayas in durban for a wedding, jzk.
  45. Salaams - pls assist any good playschools in the overport area ? 1/2 day for my 4year
  46. Has any1 downloaded telmap navigator 4om bb?...y does it take so long 2 open?...
  47. And pls advise who can I contact to interpret dreams?
  48. Slm pls can someone send me a list of the radio stations to listen for free on a blac
  49. slms. Does anyone know of a reasonable taxi/shuttle from durban central to durban air
  50. Slmz/hi, can someone please tell me what does the consumer science degree(food and nu
  51. Valerian Events - New events company launching soon! We do corporate and leisure even
  52. slmz nan
  53. Slmz.I am going for umrah inshallah.Is it easy to use ATM's to withdraw money?Do you
  54. Slmz, lookin 4 accomadation in umhlanga / durban central from 19 - 26 JAN 2013 please
  55. Salaamz.Does anyone know of a welfare organisation in Johannesburg that would require
  56. Transport available from benoni to uj (apk campus)... For more info msg me: bbm:27F26
  57. Hi, does anyone know how much with a 10" and 8" (two tier) round moist chocolate cake
  58. Slms. Can sum1 pls tell me how 2 use the cabbage leaves 2 dry up the milk. Its 2 wks
  59. salaams.. Does any1 hav th numbr for Miss Dubai in Durban?
  60. salaams.. Does any1 hav numbr for Miss Dubai in Durban?
  61. Slmz...can anyone tell me if there's any halaal places to eat in neslpruit or white r
  62. Hi there, im looking for anybody that sells evening gowns in jhb
  63. Slm.Does any1 know where I can get the cards for the wits bus's in Lenz?The prepaid o
  64. Slmz. We're can I get a massage spa open in durban 2day?? Plzzzz help!!
  65. Nazira Moola Slms - I want some recipes for summer drinks. Please jzk
  66. Nanima forum - looking for hormone - endocrinologists in jhb? http://bit.ly/TWfQs5
  67. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ???????????? I want some recipes for summer
  68. Slms who does aircons in lenasia lookin 4 best quote
  69. Perhaps someone can assist: If you are wrapping a rather large parcel in cellophane -
  70. Slmz, my daughter will be starting school this year(grade R). Contemplating sending h
  71. Quick question: Shud pregnant woman drive after 34 weeks? What's your opinion?
  72. Slmz, does anyone know a good orthopaedic surgeon around Gauteng,who accepts medical
  73. Salaamz, wonder if someone could help, we have a problem of birds pooing all over the
  74. Slmz where in Lenasia can I take my baby for vaccinations?
  75. Nani's taxi - School or University transport editionPlace your school or university
  76. Slms looking for a maid part time or full time sleep in. I am in Emmarentia.
  77. Ameena ChopdatSalaamz.Does anyone know of a welfare organisation in Johannesburg that
  78. Afzal Hamedslm nanima and all nanian people.. i am looking for a person who cooks hal
  79. slm nanima and all nanian people.. i am looking for a person who cooks halaal meals a
  80. Slmz may I please get a telephone for a lady that does hair in lenz preferably house
  81. Slms/ Hi :) Does anyone have a fresh fruit and china pit achaar recipe to share pleas
  82. Does anyone know of
  83. Wslms.pls help me with name & no.of reasonably priced panel beaters in Dbn,overport &
  84. Photo - Skool Siekte - whose babas are starting school? Are the mamas prepared? Who
  85. Jobs - looking or offering jobs place your request in this post
  86. Tabassum JoosubSalaams, may I please have the contact details of people who do weddin
  87. Salaams, may I please have the contact details of people who do weddings (deco, cater
  88. Slms. I am looking for an aalima to teach me preferably in my home. I am a revert and
  89. Salaams. Does anyone in Durban stock the Hajera nail polish?
  90. Slms. Need contact details for a good specialist physician in JHB.
  91. Looking for a domestic helper URGENTLY in Killarney. Please let
  92. Home Industry adverts - Place your home industry advertising in this post. if you wan
  93. Vacancy for an aalima to teach at a girls madrassah in persida, Springs. For more inf
  94. after fastway, which is the most cost effecient courier company to use? One that cove
  95. Slms Ladies, am looking for zip gown...anyone selling?
  96. slmz. Are there any pharmacists here? Please inbox me. Jazakallah:)
  97. A friend of mine is a Qualified hairdresser looking for job in Morningside/Asherville
  98. Aslmz, looking for transport from Lenz south to Lenasia Maleehah Laylaa School, Mon-T
  99. Photo - Plan your year - download 2013 south african school year planner - there are
  100. Au Pair looking for employment in Jhb North. Experienced @ junior school level. Valid
  101. Slms transport/ lift required for one child from kelvin(Absic ) to marlboro daily @ 1
  102. blue indian ringneck flew away on New Years day. Last seen headed towards brickfield
  103. Salaams, looking for student accommodation close to Wits. Please inbox me if there's
  104. Slmz Nanima,I'm looking for a place 2 rent in Isipingo/Lotus Park area in Durban ASAP
  105. Who would be interested in sending their child to a home school in Lenz? Using the Im
  106. Matchmaking Female Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/vZZNP6
  107. Matchmaking Monday Male Profiles | Ask Nanima? http://bit.ly/xAVK61
  108. Slms lookin 4 some1 who does aircons in jbg or lenasia area
  109. Slmz everyone:) I having a Tinkerbell theme for my baby girl 1 year birthday .I wante
  110. slmz I need to transport 24 chairs from durbs to lenz,what would be reliable and cost
  111. ?????? ????? ????? ???? ??????? I just want to know has any1 had eye lazer corrective
  112. Slmz. I'm looking for a lady that sells pre mixes in tongaat/verlum? Her name is hame
  113. Aslkm looking for a person who fixes watches in the overport area jazakallah
  114. Slmz, can someone help with contact details of people who can assist with marriage re
  115. Refiloe Mama-Koketso MajaSlmz, does anyone know a good orthopaedic surgeon around Gau
  116. Ruweida AhmedSlms. Can sum1 pls tell me home remedies for drying up milk. Its 2 wks
  117. Slmz, does anybody know where to hav waxing n threading done in pe?
  118. salaams am looking for a place to rent in or around actonville wid water nd lights
  119. Salaams am looking for transport to Actonville from VanDyk Park monday to friday 8am
  120. Slm.looking for halaal places to eat in george knysna mossel bay garden route area.jz
  121. Salaams Nanima and friends. I'm desperately looking for a helper. Pls inbox me if u k
  122. Asma MoollaSlmz, what are peoples' opinions/experience of excimer laser treatment for
  123. Slmz, what are peoples' opinions/experience of excimer laser treatment for short-sigh
  124. Sumayya HassanSlmz, my daughter will be starting school this year(grade R). Contempla
  125. Hi. Looking for a caterer (Indian Food) for a wedding eve in Muldersdrift in Feb 2013
  126. Salamz does any1 please have a fone numba for home basics in crosby,JIA
  127. Aysha LatibSalaams, Where can I get rotis, preferably brown, anywhere in JHB areas li
  128. Salaams/hi lookin for good endocrinologist in d jhb area pls. Someone that's been tri
  129. Madressah classes - looking or offering madressah classes place your request here
  130. Salaams - Looking for accommodation in Jhb close to Wits for a male student. JIA
  131. Aaliya CassimjeeQuick question: Shud pregnant woman drive after 34 weeks? What's your
  132. Photo - School lunch - bachoo is going to need a double lunch as she will be going to
  133. Slmz. Does anyone have the adress for imani (the abaya store) in lens? And names with
  134. Madressa classes this spell correct is annoying
  135. slms looking for transport from centre street Overport to essendene rd Overport for m
  136. Slmz, looking for a store in Jhb that sells party stuff , like Party Themes n Densons
  137. slmz, hubby has got all malaria symptoms but refused to go to doc coz he wasnt feelin
  138. eish! I'm just wondering.. Y do women of today make such a big hoo haa abt pregnancy.
  139. I'm looking for tried and tested laser hair removal in durban.... Pls help
  140. Madrassah Ashraful Uloom Madrasah Enrolments 2013 are now open in the following areas
  141. Does any1 hav d link to yummylicious blog by adeela..I cnt remember d site address..
  142. Salaams. I am looking for a lift in the Durban area from Al Falaah school to centre s
  143. Slms has anyone tried
  144. Slm/Hi NanimaWhere in Durban can I get my Diamond brand gear lock fixed? Urgent.Thank
  145. ?????? ????? ? For all you Make-up needs Inbox Me or BBM 27312EB1...Dbn?Bridal Make-u
  146. slms.. please may i have wedding caterers/deco/stage etc contact details in the durba
  147. slmz. Im looking for a designer who sew's really well & helps with designing outfits
  148. Slms, I'm looking for a Muslim day mother or after care centre in Mayfair or Robertsh
  149. Slms looking for telkom cordless phones. Bought one last year but I have lost the la
  150. Orbitrek for sale with an excercise bean.almost new.used for 6 months only.excercise
  151. Hi. Anyone offers swimming lessons for toddlers in the Buccleuch / Wendywood area, pr
  152. Slms pls if any1 can donate a cupboard or a kitchen unit for a poor family pls let me
  153. Photo - Food for thought
  154. Slm. Am lukn 4 transport for 3 girls frm chasevalley, to MMSG mornings n after skewl.
  155. Slm. Am lukn 4 swiming lesns for a 2 year old. Am in pmb
  156. Slms. Does anyone have the contact details for "The Address" restaurant in durban? -
  157. slmz! Hope the mums can assist me I'm looking for swimming lessons for 3 year old and
  158. Slmz .. I'm looking for flats to rent in potchefstroom .. Anyone know of any tat are
  159. Headlines Prisoners get's 5 matric distinctions
  160. Slms/hi. Pls help. Im looking for cricket lessons for kids in the dbn overport area.
  161. Salaams, Does anyone have any contact details for school transport from Ridgeway to A
  162. Slmz, is hanbury chicken halaal? Jzk
  163. Slms. Looking for a 2nd hand bike for an adult. Reasonably priced.
  164. Asalaamu'alaikum all. I would like to know if there are any madressah classes in the
  165. Home Industry adverts - Place your home industry advertising in this post. if you wan
  166. Slms can i get a number 4 jays taxi pls
  167. Slms the lady that gave me number 4 uncle Farouk who does aircons could i ps get the
  168. Looking for sum1 in lenasia who sells desserts+salads..
  169. Asalaamualaykum where in jhb. Can I buy cheap packaging material like bubble wrap and
  170. Slmz,has anyone used any of the USN products for weight loss?does it work?which produ
  171. Slms nanima and fellow nanima friends. Can some please tell me where I can find a nic
  172. salaam can anyone advise durban accommodation near the beach front preferably self ca
  173. Slmz would love to hear peoples reviews and opinions about the MSC Sinfonia cruise wh
  174. Taalim Tuesday - do you have any islamic questions. ask the experts in the forum - ht
  175. Hi all, pls can you advise which will be the most economical route for a pensioner to
  176. Slmz would love to hear peoples reviews and opinions about the MSC Sinfonia cruise wh
  177. Need a good affordable dressmakes dbn area please .tanx
  178. Lenasia x10 Anti Crime meeting - Tigris Street, Lenasia X10 tonight at 18h00 - find o
  179. Slms, seeking advise on Sinus problems. I've been really congested lately and lost my
  180. Slms, can anyone recommend a good fashion designer? I am willing to pay but I don't w
  181. Slmz,is there anyone in durban that does kids labels and bag tags quickly,like no wee
  182. nani a recipe i recieved on how to braai fish on an open fireyou need 1 fish, 2 tomat
  183. Slmz does anyone know of a good daycare/creche in the emmarentia, cresta area?
  184. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? nanima ??? fellow muslims. Is the
  185. slms. Need contact numbers of ladies who do hair n make-up 4 weddings in lenz pls. ti
  186. Slmz. Does any1 knw wher I can find a bulb for an over head projector in lenz or surr
  187. slms looking for someone to transport furniture from durbs to lenz
  188. Zaytun DawoodSlm. Can anyone recommend a good kids hairdresser in JHB, in killarney/r
  189. ?????? ????? ????????? ?????? I'm looking for the contact details or Rehana from Eras
  190. Slmz. Who is a good dermatologist in Durban? Please can I have recommendations. Jia
  191. Slmz does anyone know if an honours program at unisa can be started in the second sem
  192. Slmz.. I'm looking for some1 that sells premixes and bombay crush mix in durban.. Pre
  193. Jus wanted 2 find out if there any play school in da Sherwood area.
  194. Sumiya Moola VahedPls advise on recipe 2 cook crab
  195. Slm. Can anyone recommend a good kids hairdresser in JHB, in killarney/rosebank and s
  196. slmz ppl .. Anyone know of any good domestic worker in Durban that's looking for a jo
  197. Pls advise on recipe 2 cook crab
  198. Slmz. I am looking for a place to drop off clothes in Actonville Benoni area. May I
  199. Photo - How do you manage your time? How do you use your 168 hours?
  200. slm my name is myra n my no is 0721656364 for upstyle n anything to do with hair in m
  201. Slmz. Looking for a nursery school teacher to teach for 2 weeks in January in the Nor
  202. Slms, Looking for anyone in the Mayfair, Fordsburg, Emmarentia, Greenside, Northcliff
  203. textbooks - looking or selling textbooks - place your listing here.
  204. arzaana AsmalgeeSlms, I'm looking for a Muslim day mother or after care centre in May
  205. slmz, Looking for someone in the Lenasia/ Lenasia south area that does embroidery on
  206. Slms all! Where can I buy forest fairies sweets in sandton area?
  207. Morning everyoneI'm in search of a really good Orthodontist in JhbFor braces.Thankyou
  208. Slmz. Anyone had the experience with hair dye, where is fades halfway down to the tip
  209. Slmz I wanna know if mcdonalds opp shell garage in umhlanga is muslim owned and halaa
  210. Homeless - looking or offering places to rent, student accommodation, boarding, lodgi
  211. Hair make up Mayfair - Saffiyya Abed Salaam, I'm looking for a lady to do hair and ma
  212. Salaam, I'm looking for a lady to do hair and make up for a bride in the mayfair area
  213. Slmz
  214. slms can someone pls share phne nos for home madressas in lenasia ext 9 pls, jzk
  215. slms! does anyone does transport from joburg to pietersburg? this is to transport goo
  216. Headlines - Second rhino killed in Madikwe in 2013
  217. Slmz..looking for a 2bedroom apartment in killarney, houghton or rosebank..please inb
  218. Slmz/ hi ;) I have matric past papers, textbooks and study guides for sale .. Some ex
  219. Salaam.. I am looking for islamic/muslim run nursery schools in Midrand. JazakAllah
  220. Hi. I am looking for a rental Accomodation arround Jozi South. can you help?
  221. 3 baby african greys at 2000 and stunning sun conures at 400 each contact Muhammed +2
  222. Salaamz. My daughter is in grade 8 dis year and da school wants her to get a schedule
  223. Leena Maharaj MathuraHi all, pls can you advise which will be the most economical rou
  224. Salaamz,does any know of an Orthopaedic who specializes in ankle and foot care, or mo
  225. Require advice on the best blackberry n nokia contracts available, which models wud u
  226. Looking to hire a princess/ girly jumping castle in the molboro/ killarney area any i
  227. ?????? ????? ????? ???? ??????? does any1 know where in jhb 1 can get Sun Valley chic
  228. i am looking for a Harrods bag (black & gold) tote bag
  229. slmz. Can sum1 plz tel me how much does a nursery/reception school teacher get paid?
  230. 4 bedroom house for sale in bakerton, springs, divided into 2 bedrooms each, main kit
  231. Slmz Nanima... Plz post this for a friend...thanx Slmz *? need urgent transport to Be
  232. Slmz Nanima... Plz post this for a friend...thanx Slmz *? need urgent transport to Be
  233. Hi my grandson is going to gradr R, and I've lost his stationary list! Do u know if a
  234. Hi. I'm looking for a SQL database developer. Please inbox me if you know anyone. Tha
  235. Aslmz. I'm looking for some1 that does dried fruit and burfee moulding parcels . Plz
  236. Slmz, I urgently need to contact a mechanic...I'm on holiday in durban central and we
  237. Slmz. Looking for someone to make rotis. Pref brown. In Durban area. Also tasty veg
  238. Photo - Food for thought -
  239. Slmz - looking for a hairdresser in Lenasia to cut kids hair plz. Jzk
  240. Looking for transport from Meredale(Mondeor) to Edenvale (Meadowdale Mall)
  241. Slms I've got a request, I'm looking for a recipe for salted almonds? Jia
  242. Headlines - etoll war rages on
  243. Slmz would like to find out if anyone else is experiencing difficulty with Unisa onli
  244. Slms: Looking for a private madressah apa in Benoni pref Mackenzie Park jzk.
  245. (*) *Lil' stars sports club*(*) A fun activities and sports club in the durban area f
  246. Is the breakfast at elangeni halaal
  247. Slmz Looking for transport from erasmia to tuks groenkloof campus for this year conta
  248. Hi, Please advise which is a better hospital between St Augustine and Kingsway. My OB
  249. Slms, how do I set my Blackberry so that I don't receive notifications (or that red
  250. Moey EbrahimSlmz naani n frendz my lil boy jus started school gr1 jus wondering what