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  1. Hi all,I have a friend who is very poor and expecting a baby,she does not have money
  2. Dear friends, I would like your assistance urgently please. There is a family in very
  3. Slmz does anyone have a butternut recipe similar to the one served at Spur or any oth
  4. Slms, any idea who makes the plastic jungle gyms , the ones at zoo lake or peoples pa
  5. Hi, I put to much salt in my beans bredie. What can I use to get the salty salt out..
  6. Day 14: Love takes delightPurposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so y
  7. Photo - Join us at the Wassies family day 16 March at Theo Wassenaar Primary School i
  8. Photo - Come for free medical screening at the Wassies family day and fun activities
  9. Slms\hi.. Please can sum1 help me.. I'm looking for mini chef hats.. Like the 1s they
  10. Hi any updates on the Baking Tanni competition?
  11. Saajida Hoosen-RasoolSlmz all. Need help urgently. Just put in a load of whites n a r
  12. slms.looking for a teacher that teaches grade 1,2 or 3 and is willing to assist with
  13. Photo - How do you teach your kids about saving at a young age?
  14. Where in jhb can I hire out a barney/ animal costume?
  15. Slms Nanima - what is the quickest way to get a new ID issued?where is the best place
  16. Slms, has anyone's children used the 20 week K2U times table program? Would you recco
  17. Hi. Does anyone have a recipe for sweet n sour bor? I'm completely addicted to the on
  18. Salaams, any ideas on a halaal restaurant in the Jo'burg area for a birthday supper?
  19. Slm all. For those of u in cape town. Come down and support out masjied food fair thi
  20. Slms nanima - I'd just like to know if anyone is driving those car advertised at R699
  21. Slmz all. Need help urgently. Just put in a load of whites n a red tights got mixed u
  22. Halos N HornsSlmz Everybody!I need some Holiday advice...I want to stay on the south
  23. Burning issues - Mother in law and daughter in law issues seems to be trending today.
  24. Slmz Everybody!I need some Holiday advice...I want to stay on the south coast of Durb
  25. SalaamsLooking for transport from tongaat to umhlanga for 1 week only from 8 - 4:30 T
  26. slms looking for a 2 bedroom flat in mayfair west,brixton,crosby URGENTLY please!!!!
  27. Daily duchaaz - place all your cars, home, textbooks, cellphone sales, transport, ren
  28. Hi> I wonder if somebody could help me with the number of Yumna from Lensia that make
  29. Slms. Anybody know of a person of a place that makes wooden cutout shapes in lenasia
  30. Slmz...any home remedies to improve the function of the kidney...and reverse renal fa
  31. Does anybody know the name of the new drink at Adega and recipe please? Picture is on
  32. Urgent request please.....plz can soomeone help me with the veggies with cream style
  33. Transport needed urgently from Lenasia South to Bedfordview (Riley Road) for 3 people
  34. Transport needed urgently from Lenasia South to Bedfordview (Riley Road) for 3 people
  35. Slmz lookn for any bursaries for 2014
  36. Urgent please be on the lookout for a ford fiesta,four door light in purple that was
  37. Comedy show dis Fri, 1st March, 7:30pm, Robertsham, proceeds 4charity! Deep Fried Man
  38. Slmz doea anyyone know of any good muslim owmed daycares in the benoni area.also cont
  39. Baking Tannie 2013 – Fathima and Saajida Lambat- Classic Confectionery | Ask Nanima p
  40. Photo - Schools Lead SA take the #stopRape pledgeThe Department of Basic Education (
  41. Photo - Buy the Lunch Date DVD for R50 only - proceeds goes towards Shazia Motan Camp
  42. hi. Does any1 know where in durban I can get earwax candles. I used to buy them for a
  43. Slmz.. I'm urgently looking for a jhb based company that does mens golf shirts with e
  44. Photo - Brainy Bachoo - bachoo loves word search puzzles and said I should share this
  45. Salaams found a receipe for hummus dip but don't know what tahini is! Receipe ask for
  46. Photo - Share this from Abdul Aziz @dhodhat No Bail for Kazi Murderer #KaziTrial #Fay
  47. Aslm,wondering if someone can assist. my bb shows uncaught exception:java.lang.nullpo
  48. slmz any home remedies for Eczema?
  49. Where in jhb can I get kashka and pin free stretch scarves?
  50. Melissa GovenderHi I had the most delicious triple layer chocolatemousse cake from th
  51. Salaams. Looking for a Mobile hAir stylist and makeup artist in jhb area please?
  52. Zahra JameelSlms Nanima - what is the quickest way to get a new ID issued?where is th
  53. Hi I had the most delicious triple layer chocolatemousse cake from the coral tree res
  54. Aslms Nanima and friends , I kindly ask if there is anybody in the crosby and surroun
  55. Slmz, I'm looking for a specific style hat for my little girl, it's a beanie style cr
  56. Slm Nanima pls tell me how do we refer some1 for the wassies family day to win a stal
  57. Slms Anyone got address of elsburg cemetery And direction from sandton
  58. Staff wanted for food franchise restaurant at Cresta - 1 x junior manager with food e
  59. Photo - Food for thought
  60. Slms all, looking for a make up artist for wedding and mendhi, someone who will be ab
  61. Slm.wana do the brazilian blowout.any sugestions of salons?dus it coat the hair n thu
  62. Slms/hi :) ne1 know what date gauteng schools are closing this term?
  63. Headlines - realtime murder database for WC- Western Cape premier Helen Zille said h
  64. Slmz.does nebdy knws who maks baby linen in da benoni area. Jazkallah in advance.
  65. Slmz. I need ideas
  66. Jazakillah Bahiyya(love ur name)anyone with a lekker dry/or not steak recipe to go wi
  67. Mondeor Johannesburg area - baby boy clothesAkashnee NaickerHi all,I have a friend wh
  68. Need reviews on product called solgar biotin. Have weak hair and nails so doc has put
  69. Slmz. Any idea where I can find a good quality but affordable nappy bag. Durban area.
  70. slmz looking 4 the bbm pin for salaah reminder johannesburg. Jzklh
  71. Unisa books for sale... Any1 doing bach of education looking for books plz inbox me.
  72. Slmz, plz keep my nephew Rameez Hoosen in your duaas. He is been admitted tomorrow mo
  73. Slmz looking for Wedding Gowns ranging at about R2000-00 & below..Please comment or i
  74. Slmz, would like to knw who stocks Arabic letter stencils in JNB.jazakallah
  75. Golf 4 GTI FSH, 6speed, new toyo tyres,fitted VW clutch,cambelt waterpump,brakes,reca
  76. slms. Who in jhb keeps the personalised labels to use on tupperwares?around d mayfair
  77. Hi there.. Does any1 have these textbooks.. Philip Mohr, Understanding Microeconomics
  78. Slmz my 3yr old sons ears r red hot and swollen in da same place since he got bac fro
  79. SlmZ all...just wanted to find out wich laser u think is the best...IPL or is the flo
  80. Please share views on preservation of ur baby's cord blood and stem cells. Thanks.
  81. Interested to find out why girls leave school when they 14 or 15 to attend madressa f
  82. Nanima forum - My sister in law keeps calling and smsing my husband http://bit.ly/WfD
  83. Slmz plz advise me as to where I can buy the consol grip and go bottles in lenz. Jaza
  84. Aslm/ Hi... Looking for people studying through University of York. Please inbox me.
  85. Photo - Food is Fun - kewl idea for making salad and eggs more appealing to the kiddi
  86. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ???????????. got baby clothes & looking 4
  87. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ???????????? anyone know of a good architec
  88. Slmz :) I am so sad that the OLA rich and creamy Rainbow ice-cream tubs has been disc
  89. Sadia KhanSlms. Could someone please share a tasty lasagne recipe? Something with min
  90. Shihaam Bawa, Cape TownWhere can I get toweling gowns with hoods for children aged 6
  91. HELP Please - Which shop in Durban would be most cost effective to shop at for baking
  92. Shihaam Bawa, Cape TownWhere can I get toweling gowns with hoods for children aged 6
  93. tweets No bail #fayyazkazi #kazitrial we could get this trending on twitter in no tim
  94. Does anyone know where I can go to have my drivers licence renewed without having to
  95. slmz. Are ther bridal shops open on Sundays In Durban? Urgently looking for flower gi
  96. Burning issues - from yesterdays discussion, i had this thought. Where are the man in
  97. Slmz..I'm looking for a contact number for Zaks Driving School in Durban pls..Jazakal
  98. Slmz.Has anymore used the Homemark Vibro shape belt and does it work.Tia
  99. Some time ago, you had posted the sandwich"the GREAT GATSBY." Where can I find this d
  100. Slmz is there anybody in or around the azaadville area selling all the different spic
  101. Daily Duchaaz - place all your classified type posts here. i.e transport, looking for
  102. slmzwhere can one buy the cake pops pan in jhb
  103. Slms. Could someone please share a tasty lasagne recipe? Something with mince and veg
  104. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ????????????. Can anyone give me a good pher
  105. Salaam/Hello, looking for self catering accommodation, DURBAN double bedroom for the
  106. Any ideas for what my son can sell for his cake sale. Thnx
  107. Wher can I find purple or blue cellophane paper?tried osboro and they sold out.anywhe
  108. Aslmkm, I'm looking for wholesale baking packaging in Durban, can anybody help as I'm
  109. Fatima MayatSlms!I'm looking for a sweet popcorn recipe! One where u pop the corn and
  110. Hi im looking for a 2 bedroom to rent in mayfair?
  111. Slms!I'm looking for a sweet popcorn recipe! One where u pop the corn and coat in sug
  112. Salaams. Looking 4 someone that makes tasbeehs.
  113. Slm Nanima. This is a transport question. Is there a lift from Lenasia South to Braam
  114. Nani's taxi - place all your school transport, university transport, lift clubs and r
  115. Hi/slms... Looking for sumbody that can kum home to do make-up and hair (blowdry and
  116. Slms I am looking for reasonable, private sewing lessons in or around Sandton example
  117. Slms, Looking for a female flatmate in JHB- Mayfair West. Very Close to Both UJ and W
  118. Alhamdulillah bailed denied for #FayyazKazi murderer Viviers - to find out what happe
  119. Slmz ..can ayne help me wth a remedy for bad constipation..i have tried so many tabs
  120. Salaams I know I had this post before but I am just not coming right. Looking for an
  121. salaams iam not a food fanatic but i also would like to stay healthy please advice wh
  122. Salaams I'm looking for someone who sells and fits in Automatic Garage doors in Mayfa
  123. Slmz. Is there anyone offering quraan classes in jhb preferably houghton or kilarney
  124. Slmz...any1 studied montesorri course need sum advice as I really wnt 2 study! Is the
  125. Love dare Day 15: Love is honorableChoose a way to show honor and respect to your spo
  126. Salaam/Hello,Please can you advise for accommodation, self catering, double bedroom f
  127. Slmz I'm looking for Unusual deco's number the one in jhb, can somebody please gve m
  128. Does anyone have Dr Motara's emergency contact number. Its very urgent. Jazakallah
  129. Slmz everyone. Where can I buy fresh chicken fillets in Sandton and surrounds? Can't
  130. if 15000 people just donated only R20 we could save Rose's life. They need R300 000 i
  131. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ?????????????? Plz help..Know of anyone in t
  132. Slmz lookin for a flat to rent in mayfair area should b 2 bedroom
  133. Salams urgent! I m looking for smart outfits for girls for weddin, does any1 know any
  134. ????? ????? ????????? ?????? Is anyone in the process of building or has recently bu
  135. Photo - Food for thought
  136. Headlines - A bail hearing by one of the two men accused of killing Anene Booysen wa
  137. Relatives of mine are visiting Jerusalem next month. This is the first time they are
  138. Salaams nani, Urgently looking for someone who sells and insatalls garage doors in ma
  139. Looking for a good dermatologist.. Any suggestions?
  140. Salams,Can anybody reccomend good 4 star hotels in Mauritius to stay for honeymoon ,T
  141. slms, pls advise if any1 else is having network issues on MTN? My phone is always goi
  142. slmz how many dozen samoosas can be filled with 1kg mince. Thanks.
  143. Salaam all. Where can I buy cheap tall vases...I have been to Osbro. Are there any ot
  144. to let#randburg/ferndaleCottage 2 spacious bedroom separate lounge kitchen /toilet /
  145. Slms I'm looking 4 Unusual Deco's numbers can somebody please give me the contact det
  146. Slms, Where can i get nice mendi for palms (that comes out nice and dark) in Fordsbu
  147. slmz guys, what is the preferred alarm company for emmarentia- chubb or adt? Any advi
  148. gosh!dbn central.yuck its sooooo filthy.but CT wow u won't even find a cigarette bud.
  149. We are looking for Nabeela Adams. Last seen an UJ this morning at around 7:30. Nabeel
  150. Slmz I'm looking for bedroom cupboards/Draws/cot in the Durban area,plz email me bint
  151. Slmz Alla,Ladies looking for a nice fish biryani recipe plzzz.Jazak allah
  152. Anybody know any friends of NABEELAH ADAMS studying at UJ campus Biokinetics year 2..
  153. slmz does any1 no of any dance or drama classes on a saturday in da cbd area in durba
  154. Slmz, I am looking for LV, burberry, cake domes and platters at a good price, not fr
  155. slm,where in durban can i get small cards printed for sinni.
  156. Sorry ghatia
  157. Slms looking for ghtia recipe pls
  158. Hi/salaam. I've got a Vodacom data contract from Nashua mobile, R149 per month for 2
  159. Pls fwd. SANCA Nishtara needs your support for their Cake Sale on Sat 02 March at Sig
  160. Hi all, does any1 know of any speech n drama classes for kids starting from grade 1 i
  161. Slms guys. Im looking for a ''Comptia A+ comprehensive 2009 edition (windows 7) volum
  162. Msg from Rose Leigh Fund for bone marrow transplant. Rose Leigh Fund for bone marrow
  163. Photo - Do you want Lila's French Cooking to choose you as a finalist of the Baking T
  164. Slmz. My LG hurt her toe and it was septic. But now it seems fine, accept hair toe na
  165. Slmzz all those from durban who were interested in MY VERY OWN ISLAMIC TUTOR LEARNING
  166. Slmz .looking for a good podiatrist in jhb.any recommendations ?
  167. Aslm / Hi all.... The Middelburg Women's Forum has invited Dr Motara to give a presen
  168. Love dare day Day 16: Love intercedesBegin praying today for your spouse’s heart. Pra
  169. Slmz...anybody elses cell phone no win R450,000 in the Fifa Award Promo? How does the
  170. SlmzDoes anyone know where we can get the rusks that used to be available at Radio Is
  171. Slmz all, need help urgently. Looking for a dressmaker and/designer in either the bea
  172. Slms I would like to know if anyone has tried REJUVI facial products . What's ur opi
  173. How does 1 distinguish between a kidnapped person and one that has simply ran away fr
  174. Hijacking tips - if you have been through a hijacking, share with us your experience.
  175. Photo - Hijacking hotspots - please share hijacking hotspots you know of. 2 elderly p
  176. Photo - Missing person - Missing Person: Nabeelah Adams from Canary Ave. in Lenasia X
  177. Looking for a good builder and carpenter please inbox me details. Jhb area thanks in
  178. Homeless - looking or offering a place to rent, sell, buy, board, lodge. place your r
  179. Daily duchaaz - place all your selling and requests for transport, textbook, car sale
  180. Slmz ladies pls help I'm looking 4 a mince akni recipe the layerd one pls ... Wna mak
  181. slms. Does anyone kno pls. Is there some weird flu goin around.
  182. Slmz. Can sum1 give me a recippe for cinabon
  183. How much money does the average middle class women spend on herself?
  184. Assalaamu alaikum! Can someone advise? We cooking a pot of curry for a foreign jamaat
  185. Slmz,does any1 hve hme remedy for bad cough his 4 years old nd runny nose.
  186. I'm looking for a job in joburg if anyone knows of anything please call me on 0823386
  187. Slmz feeling really weak n run down, any suggestions what can I take to boost my ener
  188. Slms all. The mail and guardian is compiling a list of 200 dynamic young South africa
  189. Lenasia ladies \=D/. @>--`°•@>--`°•.¸¸.•°`@>-- @>
  190. Slmz all, does anyone know what the value of a 1965 South African 2cent (bronze) is?
  191. Slms. Does anyone know who hires out mens eastern clothing for a groom. In Johannesbu
  192. Hi does anyone know a good hall in Durban that is available 30 November for a Hindu w
  193. Transport from Lenz to Sandton?
  194. Hi, Anyone selling GHD sets? Inbox me please
  195. Slmz nani, Im looking for someone thats selling those juicy couture baby diaper bags?
  196. Photo - Brainteaser - Clock is being looked at in the mirror what is the correct tim
  197. Ziyaad N Tasneem LatibSlmz. My LG hurt her toe and it was septic. But now it seems fi
  198. Farzana SondaySlmz...anybody elses cell phone no win R450,000 in the Fifa Award Promo
  199. Wellness Wednesday - have any health questions - ask our expert Dr. Joy in the forum
  200. Stolen vehicle bmw 330ci silver grey registration NEHAD Mp men are armed if seen plz
  201. Somaya Khangosh!dbn central.yuck its sooooo filthy.but CT wow u won't even find a cig
  202. slmz. where can I get bor capsules in or around mayfair/fordsburg area? shukran
  203. Photo - Competition time. Stand a chance to win a salton Food steamer. Easy, all you
  204. Has anyone used lamelle products n peels for pigmentation?does it work well?what othe
  205. Slmz all,need help please, i installed a flash drive on my computer & it got a virus,
  206. Slms. If anyone has tickets for sale for the S.A. Vs Sri Lanka cricket match on Frida
  207. Slm,does anyone know where I can buy a big pashmina\wrap in Fordsburg\Mayfair to thro
  208. Slmz. Does anyone have an ipad mini? And would you say its a worthwhile purchase?
  209. Slmz all, in need of sum I.T help, i installed a flash drive on my computer that had
  210. Slms. Pls advise.. What wud a refurbished blackberry 8520 sell for.? Tia
  211. Slmz. My little girl is 13days old and suffering from bad colic. Please can everyone
  212. Photo - Food for thought -
  213. Does any1 know of someone who does car window tinting in durban? Pls help
  214. Where can one do archery in dbn?
  215. Slmz pls can somebody plz gve me Adill"s Deco's numbers need his contact details plz
  216. Headlines - so what do you think of Pravin Gordhan's budget speech today? For full b
  217. Has anybody had vitamin b12 and vitamin b complex injections taken? How good is it? H
  218. Slms, can I have names and numbers of ladies doing make up and dress makers as well i
  219. Anyone know of someone who does bridal hijaab tying/ styling? In dbn. Pls may I have
  220. Slmz, what is a good dishwasher to buy & from where?
  221. Need advise ... I dropped my hard drive, n nw its makn a ticking noise and my compute
  222. Slmz does anybody Know, of a person that does nice smart Boxes 2 carry parsel's 4 a w
  223. Slmz, is there any place to read Jummah salaah in Knysna. and Plettenberg Bay? Please
  224. slmz guys pls help does any1 hav a very good contact for a stove &oven set
  225. Slmz desperatly look 4 a place 2 rent in buccleuch or kelvin area.... 2bedrm! Plz inb
  226. Does anyone know where I could get a WHITE bookshelf in Dbn or PMB?
  227. Sadatullah Khan's Discover Yourself workshop is life changing. He is back in March 2
  228. Salaams - Please help my son has his 1st show an tell tomorrow ( so its my 1st as wel
  229. slmz nanima,need some advice,a couple of months ago i filled out an application form
  230. Urgently looking for a golf 5 tdi will pay cash must be in mint condition and under 1
  231. slms. can Occupational therapist share there experiences with regards to their career
  232. Travel Thursday - place all your *********, travel sales and requests in this post. (
  233. Pease help I have a blackberry Z10 it takes airtime from my balance all the time . Pl
  234. Slms dear friends.. we have reached the last day of the KITCHEN AID BAKE OFF competit
  235. Photo - Today is the last day of voting for your favourite Baking Tannie. Finalist wi
  236. Fatima AlampSlmz. My little girl is 13days old and suffering from bad colic. Please c
  237. Daily duchaaz - place all your selling and requests for transport, textbook, car sale
  238. Slms - looking for someone who bakes fancy biscuits in Pietermaritzburg - JIA
  239. Do you want Lila's French Cooking to choose you as a finalist of the Baking Tannie 20
  240. Aslm, can anyone please advise me on this-->are bank consultants allowed to ask for y
  241. Arnaaz TarmohamedSlmz. Does anyone have an ipad mini? And would you say its a worthwh
  242. Slm. Plz giv sm ideas hw 2 keep a 2 year old entertaind outsyd n insyd d house.
  243. nani. slms.. have been reading up on the meat scandal and reports done at stellenbosc
  244. Day 17: Love promotes intimacyDetermine to guard your spouses’s secrets (unless they
  245. Slmz:) Can I please have recipes for Korma and chicken tikka masala curry. Jia
  246. Bizaar deal - Viewtiful Home Industry Website Promotions for ONLY R1500. This is real
  247. message from Lenasia Crime Alert -Asma's Mehndi: We are pleased to announce that Nabe
  248. SAP dragged taxi driver tied to the back of the van.Are things getting more violent a
  249. Photo - What is this?
  250. slms. Looking for someone who makes kunchas in the dbn area. Jzk