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  1. Salaams. Looking for someone that cooks wholesome meals for families (not mass cateri
  2. Photo - Today is world cancer day - a day to create awareness about cancer. Share you
  3. SalAams. Craft class this saturday at 10:00. Kids will be doing glass decoupage candl
  4. Baking Tannie 2013 – Razia Khan
  5. Baking Tannie 2013 – Rehana Karolia – Cherry B
  6. Baking Tannie 2013 – Bibi Ayesha Ali – Eb³ designer chocolates
  7. SalaamsLooking for someone selling cut, clean and washed chickens in gallo manor or M
  8. Slmz. Where could i get the small perspex dessert bowls in Johannesburg? Preferably
  9. Consol grip and go bottles for sale only 26r invite b4 it gets sold. Bb pin. 2
  10. Slms guys please help. My grandchild has drawn all over our white bed sheets with a b
  12. Aslkm. Looking for maths tutor grade 10 in the overport area jazakallah
  13. Photo - Food for thought
  14. Slmz... Does any1 know where can u buy cheap toners from? And who's a good architect
  15. looking for accommodation for my brother ,studying at wits
  16. Slmz Does anyone know where I could get an original GHD at a good price?
  17. Slmz Does anyone know where I could get an original GHD at a good price?
  18. Photo - Headlines - Fuel prices to rise, with petrol up 41c a litre http://bit.ly/WlO
  19. If anyone is looking for tickets for Wed Afcon game at Moses, inbox me:)
  20. Baking Tannie 2013 Ayesha Raja Iced ‘n Sliced
  21. Baking 2013 Natasha Asvat -Cakes by Tasha
  22. Baking Tannie 2013 Haseena Motala – Piece A Cake Confectionery
  23. Baking Tannie 2013 – Mariam Fakir
  24. Baking Tannie 2013 Fehmida Jordaan -Spoonful
  25. Baking Tannie 2013 – Rookaya Surtie- CocaTee ConfecTionery
  26. Baking Tannie 2013 Fatima Ebrahim – Mini Delights
  27. Slmz, may I please have contact details of south african expats selling home-cooked m
  28. Photo - Click on the link, in website vote for your favourite baker. Remember to clic
  29. Slms who in dbn sells cheap weddn outfits but nice for like 500 - 600 ?
  30. Slmz looking for someone to cook halal home food for my brother whos been transfere
  31. Pls can anyone tell me where I can buy nice Lycra material for burkha
  32. Salaams, Where can I buy coloured plastic cutlery in Mayfair or Fordsburg
  33. Too All Muslims. Salmz too all brothers and sisters. Why can't a moulana in SA give a
  34. Looking for a reliable au pair to assist with kids from 2pm till 4pm daily. In the C
  35. Please post: Looking for Tismia Subjee (13 years old). Last since today (4 February 2
  36. ?????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ????????????? Looking for lift club for 2 femal
  37. I'm lookin for a good quality reasonably priced artificial grass in pta or jhb. Any r
  38. Goodmorning everyone:)I have a muslim friend that has 2 small kiddies and wanted to k
  39. 2 bedroom cottage available for rental in jhb north for students. If interested conta
  40. Looking for a private madressa/ Aalima willing to teach madressa in the Linden, Green
  41. Baking Tannie 2013 Yumna Bhamjee Le Petit Bon Bon
  42. Baking Tannie 2013 Aneesah Kathrada
  43. Does anyone hve Saloojees no in lenz and do they sell 2nd hand school desks.thnks
  44. Leayah Al HaadSalaams, I am looking for someone you does savouries in the Ridgeway /
  45. Follow the link & vote 4 Rookaya in the ask nanima baking tannie competition. Her cre
  46. halaal jelly mix she lives in mt blanc in south beach.. If u no her pls inbox me her
  47. Slm. Anybody send their kids to Fairways Primary (Collett Drive JHB)? Any reviews?
  48. Salaams all urgently looking for a vacancy in durban area, I have experience as a rec
  49. salaams.I'm looking for a nice simple funny speech for gr1 pupil.mus b bout 2 mins lo
  50. FINAL FINAL FINAL CUT OFF FOR ENTRIES - There seems to be a few people that want to e
  51. Slmz:) Looking for a nice, reasonable Spa to go with friends?? Not too far away tho
  52. Slms/Hi...I'm looking to change tyres on my car.please advise weather to take Contis
  53. athima Kamdar-OmarHas anyone sent there kids to opti-kids, I'm interested in the one
  54. Slms all urgently looking for a vacancy in jhb, I have major exp in shipping imports,
  55. Salaam my cousin studied teaching she was a nursery school teacher in Pmb and is now
  56. slmz. I nid to buy 2 car seats for children aged 5 n 2. Which is d best car seat to g
  57. Madressah and other extra murals - looking or offering
  58. Text books - looking or selling textbooks - place your request here
  59. Slmz does anyone have for me a Baklava recipe that is tried and tested..JIA
  60. Photo - Vote for your baking tannie 2013. Remember to click on vote for the vote to b
  61. Farzana MunshiLooking for Home Removal from Joburg to Durban. Anyone know of a reason
  62. Slm,looking for a plumber in the robertsham,ormonde area,any recommendations?TIA
  63. Love dare day 1 - Love is Patient (let us try this one again, i failed miserably yest
  64. Jamilla LaherSlms guys please help. My grandchild has drawn all over our white bed sh
  65. Any1 that has studied Bcom majorin in Finance or investments..I need 2 know what inte
  66. Something so unique dat wil add class 2 al studys n desks
  67. Photo - Ok, things are not adding up people in the Baking Tannie competition. Remembe
  68. Desperately looking for transport from Lenz to UJ DFC daily please$ comment and I'll
  69. Slms...does anyone know of any good caterers in joburg that can make savouries and ot
  70. Photo - Click on the link, in website vote for your favourite baker. Remember to clic
  71. Jhb : Islamicraft WorkshopsLearn to : Create STUNNING Fruit &Vegetable Centre Piec
  72. Slmz does anyone know where I can get burkhas which has Alwaan label on
  73. Salaams....I wld like 2 knw if drz any1 who does cooking in da fordsburg area....n if
  74. slmz... any idea, where in durban can i purchase souvieners for weddings???
  75. Slmz where can one get a scarf organiser or what's the best ways to pack ur scarfs ne
  76. slmz... Does any1 know where I can get an Audi R8 cake transfer from? .. Urgently n i
  77. Zaakirah MotalaSlms. My fam wants 2 plan a get- together. ±35 ppl incl. kids. Any ide
  78. slms-looking for someone who cooks wholesome family meals-not bulk-catering in the ca
  79. This is how the latest voting for the baking tannie 2013 is looking. the spreadsheet
  80. Slmz..looking for a beautician who specialises in facials for teenage problem skins i
  81. Slms. My fam wants 2 plan a get- together. ±35 ppl incl. kids. Any ideas where we can
  82. Laila Guman CassimSlmz..lookin for people who make mini desserts 4 functions in jhb/b
  83. Slms. My son started play school and soon they will b having a bakers day. Where ever
  84. Slms, Looking for a female flatmate in JHB- Mayfair West. Very Close to Both UJ and W
  85. slms allanyone sellin sh'zen products in cape town?pls inbox me?
  86. 19000 fans. Wow
  87. Jazakillah Khair Nanima for providing a platform for home industries to be showcased!
  88. Photo - Click on the link, in website vote for your favourite baker. Remember to clic
  89. Which is better a postgraduate certificate in education or a postgraduate certificate
  90. ...I am looking for a high school in the JHB North area for next year for my daughter
  91. Slms. Does anyone here know who has student accomodation in the Mayfair and surroundi
  92. Nani where is day 2 of the £
  93. Photo - Food for thought
  94. Slmz, if I want to fill cupcakes with nutella do I first bake them and then fill or c
  95. ...I am looking for a high school for next year for my daughter whose currently in Gr
  96. Salaams. Is anyone doing the ieosa teaching course?
  97. Salaam ladies. What stick blender do you recommend,preferably not plastic.should be g
  98. Slmz... I wanted to know who sells ferrari miniature cars and flags.. Jazakallah in a
  99. Looking for a 6sleeper self catering unit in umhlanga preferably anything between the
  100. Slms r there any 1.5 bedroom flats for rent on North/South beach? Shukran
  101. Headlines: Ban on teachers striking. Government wants to make this an essential servi
  102. Has any1 tried the Genesis steam irom from Verimark? Is it wortwhile?? Any other bran
  103. Salaams where in jhb can I Hire a fishtail stiffening?
  104. Does anyone know where I can get Halaal ostrich meat? JHB area. Thanks :)
  105. Slms. Does anyone know when and where is the AMS soccer tournament this year?
  106. Anyone interested. I have on roll of "grass cloth wallpaper" left over from a project
  107. ENTRIES for Baking Tannie 2013 competition is now close. Please note this is an onlin
  108. Slmz, is the Nandos, Mochachos or Wimpy in Braamfontein halaal? Jazakallah :)
  109. Apartment to let in Killarney. 2 huge bedrooms, third bedroom or can be used as dinin
  110. Student accommodation available in jhb south, close to UJ and Wits...
  111. Slms. Plz help! Urgently looking for 125m of 2nd hand precast walling @ a reason pric
  112. Baking Tannie 2013 – Fathima and Saajida Lambat Classic Confectionery
  113. Baking Tannie 2013 – Ayesha Randeree Divine by Design Cakes
  114. Baking Tannie 2013 – Somayya Ebrahim Cool Party Cakes
  115. Baking Tannie 2013 Shikara dawood – Dreamcakes by Shikara
  116. Baking Tannie 2013 Hajra Sultan-Hoosen – Pwetty Little Things
  117. Baking Tannie 2013 – Yumna Bawa DeZiner cupcakes
  118. Baking Tannie 2013 – Bakers Boutique
  119. Baking Tannie 2013 Saffia Dawood
  120. Baking Tannie 2013 Humaira Meer Hansa- Humi’s Baking
  121. Baking Tannie 2013 Rifqah Abrahams – The Cake Angels
  122. Baking Tannie 2013 – Habeebah
  123. Hi, where is the best place to buy domestic workers uniforms ? Jhb Northern suburbs
  124. So many muslim run fb pages have muslims asking for financial assistance, sounds so l
  125. Slmz..Seeking @ccomod@tion/bo@rding 4 single muslim fem@le @s@p in Eshowe...Cont@ct S
  126. Slm. Can anyone please recommend a good Creche in the Mayfair/Mayfair West area for a
  127. Slmz Little Butterflies in sherwood has a vacancy available for a playschool teacher
  128. ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ???????????? I'm looking for a second hand p
  129. Russell hobbs 20L mirror finish elctronic microwave for sale brand new! Reason 4 sell
  130. Salaams guys- looking to move end of the month, gona have most of boxes packed and mo
  131. slmz. plz help... when i search for things (gumtree/junkmail) there are always ads ad
  132. Please advise-how safe is it to purchase using EBAy?
  133. Please advise-how safe is it to purchase using EBAy?
  134. slmz. im lookn for a second hand twin pram/stroller. anyone selln? plz let me know.ji
  135. ?????? ????? Please can anyone share tips/remedies for growing pains in kids. Tia.
  136. Slmz all if anyone preferably a female is looking to rent a room in the Salt River Ca
  137. Baking Tannie 2013 – Sindy Dhaver – Bakes by Sindy
  138. Slm all. I'm looking for a yummy creamy garlic or sweet chilli prawn recipe pls :-) J
  139. Salaams all in Nanima world. I'm looking for accommodation somewhere near to Lenasia.
  140. Salaams all in Nanima world. I'm looking for accommodation somewhere near to Lenasia.
  141. Salaams does any1 know who makes & sells macroons
  142. Salaams transport available from 1st March from Lenasia to Crown Mines / Ormonde Mo
  143. Baking Tannie 2013 Hasmita Dewa Classique Creations
  144. Nanima Online Classes Survey
  145. Slmz does anyone know where I can buy baby allstars from? Jzk
  146. Sajida AdamWherez a good library to take kids 2 if u live @North beach?do u hav to sh
  147. Slmz. I'd like to know, what is better between heat pumps n solar powered geysers? Do
  148. My hubbies bday coming up. Plz help me with ideas on a gift... Besides clothing,perfu
  149. Love Dare Challenge Day 2 - Love is kindIn addition to saying nothing negative to you
  150. Aslm...What can I use as a substitute for beeswax?jia.
  151. Slmz...I'm looking for anybody dat gives aqua aerobics classes in Durban North...jaza
  152. ????? ????? ????????? ?????? Does anyone have a nice pasta rice recipe to share?Than
  153. Photo - Fruit pops - Grab a few slices of watermelon, rock melon, popsicle sticks an
  154. Liftclub required from Actonville to Rhodesfield. Will share costs. Contact me on 082
  155. Photo - For years I wanted to start this. I am seriously thinking of starting an onli
  156. Wherez a good library to take kids 2 if u live @North beach?do u hav 2show proof dat
  157. Melissa GovenderWhich is better a postgraduate certificate in education or a postgrad
  158. Slmz...does anyone know where I can find edible rice paper in Durban? Used to make th
  159. Salaam all. I need a carpenter who will fix a few small things for me at my townhouse
  160. What is your kids daily routine. How do you make sure that time is managed so you do
  161. Slm can anyone plz help I'm looking for a fitflop - black patent mule, size 5. Can't
  162. Slm, how much does it cost to renew a passport?
  163. Homeless - looking or offering place to rent, board, lodge, sell. place your request
  164. Vote for your favourite Baking Tannie - complete form and click submit. http://www.n
  165. MAHALA FREE STALLS UP FOR GRABS10 stalls up for grabs at the Wassies Family Fun day a
  166. Salaams...I would like to know where n who makes the Ajmaan and Kashka scarves locall
  167. Sarah Mitha LatibLooking for a nice Naan khatai reCipe.jia.
  168. Photo
  169. Afroz J Kader slmsPlease can anyone share tips/remedies for growing pains in kids. Ti
  170. Looking for a nice Naan khatai reCipe.jia.
  171. By when must entries for the baking tanie competition be in?
  172. Razina Vadia MooradNew caps curriculum! what does every1 say about it! r the kids cop
  173. Slmz...lookin for a helper twice or trice a week in westdene benoni... Anybdy out the
  174. Apa required for private madressah classes for a 7 yr old girl, 3 times a week in the
  175. New caps curriculum! what does every1 say about it! r the kids coping?r the parents c
  176. Salmz..Looking for a tried and tested calamari dish..Fried crumbed grilled..Jzk
  177. SlmzZ Nanima please post as anon :)I am looking for transport from UJ Kingsway campus
  178. Hello All!Any1 has any good ideas for home-made bookends?
  179. My baby dragged my iphone4 across the floor n now it has fine scratches all over. Any
  180. Good dayAbout your garage sale post, would you kindly let Prashna Vallabh that I'm in
  181. Slms I hve been gettin pimples only on my forhead could it be da material of da scarf
  182. Sand pit with a cover to give away. -Montgomery Park.
  183. Slmz. Does any1 have tickets 4 dis evening's match in durban?????
  184. Slms does any1 hav the contact details for Bro. IDREES KHaMisa.
  185. Salaam, please let me know where I can find a madrasah in Johanesburg in the Fourways
  186. salaam nani. that ancient health next to garden city hospital. where did they move to
  187. how to extract tomatoe seeds for growing
  188. Slms, lukn 2 speak to 8ta users. In da chatswrth area. Please inbox me. Jia
  189. Duchaaz garage sale - do you have any classified item you want to get rid of or sell.
  190. slms I'm looking 4 a nursery teachn post.I'm in durban.have 2 year experience.shukraa
  191. Salaams...would like to know if anybody knows of any charitable organisations in the
  192. Where in Dbn is Jolly Grubber. Hea
  193. Salaams. I have two kids... one in grade 4 and the other in grade two. With the intr
  194. Request for chicken mince filling for samoosas
  195. Transport Required from Lenz South to Sunninghill---- 8am-5pm,please be so kind and c
  196. Nooreen Khan Slms... I am a qualified aupar and pre school teacher with 1 of experien
  197. Fatima Rasool Ahmed slmsDoes anyone have a nice pasta rice recipe to share?Thank you
  198. R - My hubbies bday coming up. Plz help me with ideas on a gift... Besides clothing,p
  199. Raeesa PatelAslm...What can I use as a substitute for beeswax?jia.
  200. Slmz does anyone have a contact number for someone that does fumigation in lenasiaTha
  201. Wellness Wednesday - we finally have a doctor on board to assist us with health quest
  202. Slms I'm urgently looking for an English tutor for a Grade 8 & 9 student based in Aza
  203. Transport available from ridgeway n surroundings to auckland park( uj college campus
  204. Slmz all. Anyone has bb9900 in and around durban?price?colours?
  205. Salaams, any recommendations for a doctor in durban, for back pain? Contact no. Will
  206. Salms.I would like to kno who in dbn makes tv units in white hi gloss finish.
  207. ?????? ????? . Wud lyk 2 knw is it safe 2 go 2 d beach in durban ? Has d e coli subsi
  208. Photo - Food for thought
  209. Slms.looking 4 contact details 4 tahira that sells sissy boy shoes.(Not pumps)
  210. Slms. Wanna no whrs the perfect place 2 get nice spices in the durban city cntr area.
  211. slms!does anyone have amina laher's cell no!she is a reiki practioner!
  212. Headlines : Ek se mos, you leave behind this digital footprint ne' that lands people
  213. I need a speech 4 a grade 3 girl. If I remember correctly there was a lady that poste
  214. Slmz..I'm looking 4 pretty,soft sameeras in Durban
  215. Slms.Any home remedies for severe gilbert syndrome? Jazakallah
  216. SalaamI had this dish at a wedding and now I'm looking for the recipe. It was like a
  217. Salaamz.Any second year Radiographers selling their first year books ? I'm looking fo
  218. Slm,besides unisa where can I register for short courses that are recognised?any1 did
  219. Fatima LockhatSalaams. I have two kids... one in grade 4 and the other in grade two.
  220. Please vote for my pic :)http://woobox.com/icc38a/upload/206825
  221. Salaams. Anyone selling annique in the kensington/bedfordview area?
  222. ??????????????? Private Madrassah classes offered by a qualified Muallimah in the cl
  223. Any1 heard of or is using PRACTICA? or would like your child to participate in PRACTI
  224. Slmz, I'm looking for students, seeking transport, from Robertsham/ormonde areas, to
  225. * hey, anyone knows where I can pure small kittens, in jhb,witbank or anywhere near t
  226. Looking for contact details of a company that hires a candy floss machine (in Johanne
  227. Anyone needing Afrikaans tuition in the Durban area please inbox me.
  228. Slmz looking for contact details of people who make bridal bouquets preferably not fr
  229. Slms. Please help with details for playschools in crosby,brixton,mayfair west.Thanks
  230. Salaam all. Urgently looking for someone that sells cupcake packaging in Lenasia. The
  231. Slms I'm urgently looking for an English tutor for a Grade 8 & 9 student based in Aza
  232. Slms. I'm looking for garden services or landscapers in Ormonde, Robersham area. Reas
  233. slmz. looking for tickets for the afcon final. inbox me
  234. Afcon final tickets for sale..... Inbox me
  235. Love Dare Day 3 - Whatever you put your time, energy, and money into will become more
  236. Tejal RanchodHi, I want to make a homemade face mask for sensitive prone skin , what
  237. Photo - What is this?
  238. Travel thursday - please place all your travel requests, ********* sales etc in this
  239. Salaamz ... looking for a really good bridal make-up artist around the lenasia area.
  240. Photo - Ask Nanima? mense - let the best Baking Tannie 2013 go through to the next r
  241. Photo
  242. Looking for a self catering apartment in durban, anyone no of names, can't seem to ge
  243. Asalaamualaykum. I am looking for wholesale/car dealers, i buy and sell used cars and
  244. Does anybody know of any orphanages in the Mayfair area plz?
  245. Hi, I want to make a homemade face mask for sensitive prone skin , what are the kind
  246. M3 150k, 120 mileage, year 1995, E36 n its a german spec. 95, Full leather interior,
  247. Salaams, looking for someone who make macaroons, pastries, mini donuts, eclairs in th
  248. slms, a friend looking for a good child psychologist, any recommendations? jazaakalla
  249. Raksciena MahomedAs salaamu alaikum, please may I have contact numbers of people who
  250. Slmz nani where can I find the memon akhni recipe.pls urgent.looked for it on your we